Monday, June 4, 2012

40 Weeks

Originally written 5/21:

Note: This is the last post of the series.  What's funny is that I wrote this approximately 2 hours before my water broke and Reese was born this same day!  How funny to look back and see how desperate I was to have her, and then I did! 

Reese is 2 weeks old today and couldn't be sweeter - except when she's screaming her head off.  We're off to the doctor today for our first check-up and I'll be anxious to see how much she's gained.

First things first, Happy Anniversary to C & Me!  One whole year since we stood up and made our vows!  And to think, I've never done wedding photo recaps.  But then again, it has been one crazy year.

So, in the interest of being completely honest (which I've tried to do with these posts), I am a little upset that I'm writing this 40 week post.  Because I convinced myself that I'd have a baby by now.  And yes, I realize that I have little control over it but I figured with it being my second and all that she would be early.

And, I'm just tired of being pregnant.  40 weeks is a long time.  I keep telling myself that things could be so much worse.  I know people who have been on bed rest or had all kinds of issues with pain and I'm very lucky to be healthy and able to still do (almost) everything that I want to do.

In baby news, basically everything is done.  The hospital bag is packed and actually in the car.  Addy's bag is packed except for the few things that she uses every day like her stuffed animal friend, Arnold.  I installed the car seat base last week and cleaned up the car. 

So now, we wait.

How far along?:  40 weeks - GAH!
Total weight gain/loss:  Last week's appointment had me up 32lbs.  I'll take it.
The Bump:  I'm getting Braxton Hicks that I actually recognize this time (If I had them with Addy, I didn't know.)  It's crazy how hard my stomach gets during them.
What I’m excited about/looking forward to: Just seeing her!
Maternity Clothes: What's funny is that at this exact moment, I'm not actually wearing anything maternity.  I don't have maternity pajamas because I never saw the point, but this bump doesn't allow much to fit anymore.
Symptoms: I am losing my mucus plug!  With Addy, it all came out at once but now its a little at a time.  It's a sign of progress!
Belly Button in or out?: In. I don't see this changing.
Food Cravings/Aversions: Nothing.  I still love cereal and have like 2 bowls every morning.
What I miss: Sleeping comfortably.  My hips hurt now, both sides so its impossible to get comfortable these days.
Milestones: Any time now - seriously baby ANY TIME.

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