Friday, June 15, 2012

A Day in the Life

It's funny because while I was pregnant with Reese I worried about how our life would change once we had 2 kids.  I worried about how Addy would adjust, if she would still feel loved and included and safe or if we would have some major problems.  I worried about if C & I would still find time to connect and talk or if we'd just be busy taking care of both kids. 

But I never worried about the day-to-day and how in the world we'd get things done like cooking dinner and laundry and cleaning and perhaps that's where I should have spent my energy.  Because if Addy weren't still going to daycare then I have absolutely NO idea how I would manage to get anything done like feeding and showering myself.

Now that C's summer vacation has started, our routine has changed drastically.  Addy still goes to daycare 3 days a week (to both hold her spot and to keep her social - she really likes her friends there) but he & I are both be home every day together.  That's a lot of together time.

This past 3 weeks have been about me just figuring out what Reese needs and recovering from having a baby.  We've been lucky that she's pretty good about sleeping at night.  She wakes up 3-4 times to eat and get a new diaper but most of the time goes right back to sleep.  We work hard on making sure that she gets plenty of awake time during the day.  In fact, today she's already logged 2 hours of awake time today and it's only 8am. 

Our first doctor's appointment last week was great.  Reese was back to birth weight and everything checked out well.  We got a Rx for eye drops since she seems to have a clogged tear duct and instructions to come back in a few weeks.  We have an appt. to get her in right before our big trip so she's got her shots.

Sleeping baby = breakfast time!

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