Thursday, March 31, 2011


The invitations are leaving our house!  Last night C & I sat down and put stamps on every single one and they are currently in a bag in my car waiting for my lunch break when I'll run to the post office and get them on their way!  Considering I wanted to have them out like 2 weeks ago but we're still 7 weeks away, I guess I'll take it.

Invitations can finally be crossed off the list!

I have to admit that C & I are bad people and forgot to place stamps on all the RSVP cards so people will have to use their own stamps.  Oh well.  I'm not going to stress over it.

Also, men are horrible at putting stamps on things.  If you care at all about orientation and alignment do not ask your man to help you.  C was putting the Love stamps on upside down until I saw it and asked him not to.  He said that no one will notice but I think some people will.  This is the first hint of what our wedding will be!

Also, I can check rehearsal dinner off the list!  I booked the restaurant yesterday after my friend's good review.  The owner is very nice and I think this will work!  We're not going to do invitations for the rehearsal dinner, everyone pretty much knows they need to show up and I'll hand out maps once things get started.  The final decision for the RD is the bar tab.  We have options that include: 2 drinks/person, a set amount at the bar (once the tab reaches the set amount switch to cash bar), a cash bar, or we could trust that people aren't really alcoholics and just open it for the night.  I'm thinking we'll probably end up with a set amount at the bar and cash after.

I also told the florist I want to book them so I just need to send back the contract and deposit and we're all set there!

It feels really good to be making progress again!

There are no events this weekend so I'm hoping to make some cookies and freeze them or at least make the dough and freeze that.  Then next weekend is my bachelorette party in Chicago!  While I am not looking forward to the drive, I am SO looking forward to the party.

Skin care update: not great.  Still breaking out all over and looking rashy on my chest.  I can feel all kinds of little bumps along my cheek and jaw line, even though C swears you can't really see them especially when I have make up on.  I have less than a week of this routine before I consult with the doctor again.  I think if nothing is solved by the end of April that I may just use Proactiv up to the wedding because even with the dryness it made things better.  Not perfect, but better than where we are now.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


It's hard to believe that over the weekend my little girl turned 2.  How things have changed in the last 2 years!  Addy is amazing, her vocabulary is out of this world.  Every day she does or says something new, something that I never even knew she could!  The doctor confirmed yesterday that she is, indeed, a genius.  (He just said that she tested above all her milestones and that she was great but we all know what he really meant, he just didn't want to seem biased.)

Having a daughter kind of means having a built in flower girl.  However, at the tender age of 2 even I, her mother, can not predict how she will behave or act on the day.  I can't guarantee that she'll even walk down an aisle let alone smile while she's doing it.  

Our saving grace is our good friend from CA, Kelz.  Since Kelz is a MOH she's going to walk last or next to last (haven't picked the order yet) and we've decided to have her hold Addy's hand while she walks.  That, combined with Auntie Sarah, Uncle Adam, and Dada standing up front will hopefully encourage her to actually go and maybe even be happy about it.

Side note: my brother's fiancee asked if Addy would be the flower girl in their wedding in a few weeks and I told them the same thing, that she was probably too young to handle it but in a year we could definitely try.  I have to be honest, I am being a little selfish in that I want Addy to be the flower girl in my wedding first.  It's my right as her mother.  I can't explain it but if you were in my situation I'm sure you'd get it.  (Jessica?)

Addy will need to be outfitted just like the rest of us.  I made a decision to wait until after Easter when all the pretty dresses will be on clearance but that hasn't stopped me from eyeing them in the stores.  I never wanted her to be a mini-bride so the poofy white dresses are out.  

Here are some things I've been coveting:

This should be the blue & white polka dot one with the pink sash (my pictures don't show up at work because everything is blocked).  I think this is super cute and goes with our color scheme except for the pink.  But I'm wondering if I can have that switched out for a light blue one.

I think this one is super cute but I need to decide how important the color is to me.  Would it be such a big deal if she didn't match?

And shoes.  I love the little sandals but there's something so classic about the maryjanes.

And then we (I) have to decide what to do with her hair.  Most of the time I put it in pigtails for special events but I'm not sure.  I was toying with a fake flower wreath but I'm not sure she'll put up with it.  But her hair isn't very long and most of the time it's crazy with flyaways. 

The good thing about little kids is that they're pretty much cute no matter what so I'm not going to stress over this too much.