Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Rapture

Yes, THAT Rapture.  Apparently, some people who have "studied" the Bible in depth believe that the rapture will occur on 5/21/2011.  My wedding day.  It's widely spread if this article on MSNBC is any indication.

Since dictionary.com defines rapture as "ecstatic joy or delight; joyful ecstasy", I'm going to go ahead and say that May 21 will indeed be a day of rapture.

Invitations, or the Bane of my Existence as I call them, are SO CLOSE to being done.  I cranked out the final 34-ish last night and now we just need to stamp them and mail them out.  I'm not even going to mess with the regular letter vs. flat envelope thing.  I don't want to take the chance that they'll get torn apart in the post office sorter of death.  $1.05 it is.

I'm trying to figure out what else I should be doing for the wedding.  I need to get the menus printed and do the table numbers.  I also need to work on the seating chart.  I also picked a florist so I need to e-mail her and let her know.  I finally decided to go with the first girl that will be a little softer and more romantic.  I realized (after C told me) that she really listened to what I wanted and didn't want.  That she was working with me.

I also need to book the place for our rehearsal dinner but only after a friend of mine eats there.  He's graciously agreed to haul his ass down to Geneva for dinner one night to report to me on the food and service.  If he OKs it then we're good to go.  (Provided someone else hasn't swooped in and booked the place...)  That should happen tonight or tomorrow.

I also need a haircut pretty badly.  It's been quite some time.  I need to do it soon so I can do it again just before the wedding but not too close to the wedding if that makes sense.  I'm thinking if I could get in this weekend then I could probably wait 6 weeks and do it again so the color and cut are fresh for the big day.  Dang, how is it pretty much April already?! 

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