Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Etsy, Revisited

For those who are dying to know, I did make it to the gym yesterday and I ran 3.5 miles and burned off 450 calories!  Go me!  It was kind of a struggle for me, around 1.5 miles it started to suck.  I think it had to do with my crappy lunch getting revenge on me (BBQ leftovers - tasty but bad for running).  Hopefully now that I've been back once, I'll continue to make it.  I want to go Thursday, and then I'd like to go Saturday but we'll see.

Also, I went to Michaels yesterday to buy some crafty stuff and came home with some fancy paper to make the garland, a paper cutting board thing, and some plain gift bags to make the Out of Town gift bags.  The bags were only $6 for 13 so if we need more they're not too expensive.  I'm planning to jazz them up a bit with customized stickers.

My bridesmaid gifts are almost complete, I just need to buy those pashminas.  I ended up veering slightly from my original plan but I'm still happy with the results and I think the girls will be happy as well.

I got them some wristlets:

Each girl gets a different pattern or color.  I negotiated with the seller for a deal and feel happy with the price I paid.  Also, I know it shows that dollar for reference, but these are SO much bigger than I thought they would be!

And just this morning I purchased these cuties:
for each girl.  Good deal too and I love that they're personalized.

I also found these on etsy:
How cute are these?!  I'm thinking they'd be perfect for our favor tags and they're only $35 for 150 of them!  I wonder if I could get them with a blue ribbon instead to go with our colors...

I know, another post about how I love but it's SUCH a great resource for planning a wedding!

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