Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Nasty Gram

I just had a send a very strongly worded e-mail to the person doing our invitations because 2 weeks ago she said they were putting a proof in the mail for our approval and I haven't heard a word from her since, nor received the proof, despite my 2 e-mails informing her that we didn't get it.

I had wanted the finished invites in my hand by well, yesterday so that we could get them moving so people have time to make arrangements for travel and stuff.  And we still haven't even seen the finished product.

So I told her that while C & I really liked the invitations and that we had a lot invested in them in regards to wording and design that I would be looking for another company to go with that would probably respond to my e-mails and deliver when they said they would.  Of course, my wording was much more "professional scolding" than that.

Keep in mind that I have e-mailed her twice in the past 2 weeks and have not gotten a response.  It took all of 30 mins for her to realize, "Oh crap, we're going to lose a paying customer!" and e-mail me back.  Her response was very nice and she apologized and promised to be more on the ball.  I'm a trusting person so I'm going to give her one more chance, but this is really frustrating.

In other news, my brother's fiance called me yesterday and asked me to be a bridesmaid!  Of course I said yes.  I don't think we'll have any official responsibilities in the 6 week ceremony but when they have the big shindig in a year then I'll be representing.

I've got a couple family members on board for the nice dinner and my mom is checking out a couple places to host.  We'll present it to K on Saturday when we go dress shopping for her.

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