Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The End

While I can't promise that I will never complain about my brother's wedding again, I am going to make an effort to put an end to it.  Everyone deserves to have the wedding that they want and I am in no position to deny them that.  So congrats to them, can't wait to party it up in a few weeks!

I am working on making headway on our list.  Last night I ordered our M&Ms for our favors and I also ordered some Moo Cards to slip in our invites for brunch.  Thanks Jessica! I really wanted to use pictures of us but we didn't really have any that would work so I used some canned images:

I love them both.  I love the tea one for brunch and the hearts are so whimsical.  The back just asks people to join us for a "non-hosted" brunch at the hotel before everyone hits the road.  Hopefully everyone will understand that non-hosted means they're paying their own way cause I can't afford to feed everyone again.

I feel like after our trip this weekend I'll be in a much better head space to figure out what still needs to be done.  We're going to check out the ceremony site again for the power stuff and also to see if we can string garlands between the posts at our "altar" (I don't know what else to call it).  I'll try to take some pictures so you can watch my vision come together.

Hopefully our invites will arrive in the next week so we can get them out.  I have to take them and get them weighed so I know how much postage to buy!  Have you seen the king & queen stamps?  I love them:

How cool for a wedding invitation!  It will be interesting to see what combo of stamps we come up with to cover the postage.

Happy Wednesday!


  1. I plan on using the King and Queen too. Love them! Unfortunately, our RSVP cards are just postcards and the ONLY postcard stamp USPS has (.28) is a POLAR BEAR. WTF. That does not match my invitations at all nor the general idea of my wedding, which takes place in AUGUST. LOL. I may buy better looking .44 cent stamps and just eat the extra postage because I'm vain.

    Moo cards are so darn cute! You'll be impressed with the quality when they arrive, too: very nice cardstock.

  2. They have stamps too that you can put your own photo on... I ended up getting a deal on them quite a while ago (they ended up costing less than actual stamps.) I did some from our wedding, and some just of a pic of us...