Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Crankasaurus Rex

When Addy was a baby, C & I used to call her things that always ended with -asaurus Rex.  Crankasaurus Rex was probably most used but I'm pretty sure we also used things like Poopasaurus Rex and Cryasaurus Rex.  

Anyway, C had SUCH a good time over the weekend that he pretty much lost his voice and has a terrible cough.  And has managed to wake me up at 12:30am for the past 2 nights and keep me awake for a bit.  It's not good.

I am a Crankasaurus Rex this morning despite the fact that I was pooped last night and went to bed at 9:30.  Someone managed to make me lose about an hour of sleep in the middle of the night and I am paying for it this morning.

Add in my hour long drive to get to work this morning (23 miles away) and you can imagine that I am super happy! today.

I also don't really have anything to update in wedding land.  I e-mailed my invitation person and politely told her she couldn't count and she said she'll send me the missing components.  We handed out 3 invites at dinner last night but no one opened them so I never got to see their reaction.  To be fair, it was my grandpa, uncle, and parents and men don't really care too much about paper anyway.

Kinko's wants to charge us $60 to make color prints of our maps so I'm trying to decide if there's a better way.

My final BM gifts should be delivered today and I can officially cross them off my list!  Yay!

I also have a phone consultation with my dr. today to talk about skin care AGAIN.  I did what they said and gave it another week and I'm not using it anymore.  There has been zero improvement and frankly, I'd rather be back on Proactiv.  So hopefully she has a good idea of what we can do next.


  1. Do the maps have to be folded? Because you can upload a personal design (I'm pretty sure) to and if it's your first order, you can get 100 postcards for just shipping (like $6). I recently did this with our rehearsal dinner invitations to see how they'd look, on the grounds that if they look shitty I was only out $6 anyway, but if they looked good I saved a ton. You could upload your map and have it on the flat (free) postcards and tuck that into your invites maybe. Oh, and Vistaprint also threw in a free address stamp with my order too, so I got 100 postcards and an address stamp for $6.

  2. Jessica - you just gave me an awesome idea! The park is charging us entry fees (don't get me started - it's not Disneyland) and we'll be mailing those out after we get our headcount/RSVPs. So I'm going to skip the whole map thing now and send them with the parking passes! Plus, I looked at those postcards and I think they'll work, we'll just shove them in with the passes and be good to go! Thanks!

  3. Oh yay! You have to do a little digging on their website to find the free postcard offer, but it's there somewhere.