Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I'm about to leave work and I'm supposed to head for the gym but I don't wanna!  I took a week (plus some) off for my stupid cold and now I'm having the hardest time getting back into it. 

I thought if I came here I could write down some reasons to go and some statements to fight my excuses and feel pumped:
  • It will make me feel better
  • it will make me look better
  • it will make me feel strong
  • I'll feel like I accomplished something
  • it will make my dress fit better
  • I just made a new playlist on the iPod specifically for the gym
  • Dinner is already in the crockpot so no need to rush home
  • Addy actually enjoys the gym daycare
  • I ate like crap all weekend and feel blah
  • I someday want to be good at running
  • C works out a few times a week and I need to keep up the competition
  • Or at least strive to look good for him
So there's the list.  I'll update tomorrow and let you know how I actually did!

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