Monday, March 28, 2011

March Showers bring April Weddings!

I can honestly say that while the shower was a very nice time, I'm glad its over.  I enjoyed doing it but I didn't enjoy the time I spent, the money I spent, and the stress I put on myself trying to make sure it was a nice event for my cousin.

I ended up whining about it to C on Saturday night after I bought all the food I needed for it.  I told him that she is my cousin and I really wanted to do this for her but I also know that deep down some of it was driven by guilt for having my wedding so close to hers.  So I wanted to make sure it was a nice, classy event that was focused completely on her.  And I'm proud to say that I pretty much did not speak about my wedding at all.

There were some dark spots with food not getting out or heating (the soup did not get hot for about 2 hours after I plugged it in so not many people ate it) so I have a LOT of food left over now.  It makes me wish I hadn't spent so much money on the food since I got to bring about half of it home.  The good news is that I brought it home for us to eat and that's good.  Since I bought the Trader Joe's boxed soup and canned bruschetta I can save most of it.  Also, all the chicken that I cooked can be frozen I think.  I will probably mix some of it with salsa before I freeze it so I can pull it out for enchiladas or something.

Anyway, the important thing is that even though I am exhausted and will not be doing that again any time soon, L had a great afternoon.  

I found out over the weekend that our invites are too stiff and will have to be treated as "flat envelopes" with stamps totaling $1.05 instead of $0.61.  So I need a $0.61 and a $0.44 stamp on each one so it will probably be that cake stamp with a pansies LOVE stamp.  Or the king & queen plus a stupid Bighorn Sheep.  

The bad news is that C & I assembled about 40-50 invites on Friday night (including sealing up the envelopes) and THEN I realized that I forgot to put a stamp on the return envelope.  Crap.  I guess that $0.44 on the front makes up for it.

The invites look good but the wax seal isn't really that visible.  It's entwined hearts and because it's a sparkly silver wax they just don't show up that well.  Oh well.  The important thing is that I am *thisclose* to finally getting those suckers out the door and crossing them off my list.

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