Monday, March 7, 2011

A Good Bridesmaid is Worth Her Weight in Gold

I ended up going to Davids AGAIN to help my bro's fiance shop for a wedding dress.  I thought we were going to find something for 5 weeks from now but apparently I was there looking at dresses for NEXT YEAR.  I couldn't help but feel like I shouldn't have gone and should have been home working on my own wedding.

Anyway, I met 2 of her bridesmaids (out of a potential 7) and holy pushy.  They spent the entire time talking about what kind of dresses they HAD to wear and how we better not be put in something that will make them look bad.  Now, I concur that I want to look my best and everything but seriously it is K's wedding.  Drop it!

The one girl (who is quite a bit larger) complained the whole time that she didn't want to try on dresses, that she was SO fat, that she can't wear heels because of how fat she is so we'd better be able to wear flats, how she hates her calves and we'd better be able to wear long dresses, etc.  Then at lunch she ordered 12 deep fried chicken wings and french fries.

Now, without tooting my own horn too much, hopefully I've been pretty laid back with my girls.  I gave them their choice of 3 (affordable) dresses and they were free to choose whichever style they felt looked best on them.  I told them to pick whatever shoes they like as long as they're silver.  Already own a pair?  Awesome!

My bridesmaids have been nothing but supportive along the way.  Never a complaint about what they have to do.  In all reality, there won't be much that they have to do since 3/5 of them are out of state and the 2 instate are a) pregnant and b) planning her own wedding.  So yeah.

I'm so lucky to have good girlfriends who go with the flow and back me up.  Who don't complain (to my face) and offer to do whatever is needed.  Thank Heaven for them!

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  1. Eh, we don't complain behind your back either! :) You have been pretty laid back... and even let me, the preggo, pick another dress that wasn't one of your 3! And I hope being preggo doesn't hinder me from helping with wedding stuff... just not on the bachlorette party. :(