Friday, March 18, 2011

God Help Me

C is gone all weekend for his bachelor party.  And I'm worried.

Not about him, about me.

And the 7-ish pounds of M&Ms we have left, sitting at home on the counter.  Jeez.

I have no idea what to do with them.  How was I supposed to know that I only needed 7 pounds to complete the favors?  I mean, I knew 20 M&Ms fit in each tube but how much does 20 M&Ms weigh?  Plus, you can only buy in 5lb bags OR 7oz bags.  I'm currently toying with putting some in the OOT bags but I don't want people to get to the wedding and think, "Hey!  I've seen these before..."  We could also put them in small bowls around cocktail hour and the reception.

C & I could take them to work every day for a month.  And our co-workers would hate us.

Last night I admitted to C that while I am the coolest wife ever (fact) that I still sometimes get insecure and become all "stupid woman".  His bachelor party triggered that a little.  It has nothing to do with other women or trust.  Because I'm not worried about him at all.

It has to do with the last time he went to a bach party, he didn't call me for 2 straight days.  Not even the morning after to let me know he was ok.  Not even before getting on his plane to let me know he made it to the airport and would indeed be home that night.  Not even a text.

I tried to play it all cool at the time, just sending some innocent texts which became passive aggressive which became straight angry.  I mean, it takes all of 30 seconds (if that) to text someone and say, "Hey, yeah, I'm good.  See you tonight.  Love you."  Whatever.

I should point out that while this was going on, I was preparing our house for a 3000 mile move that would take place 5 days after his return with an 18-month old baby BY MYSELF.  So I was stressed for other reasons. 

So I told him last night that it would be nice to hear from him this time and I think he gets it.

Tomorrow I'm supposed to get my craft on with my SIL and her mom.  My plan is to make banners for the wedding and possibly luminaries for the table numbers.  And to talk about what other craft-y things I need to do.  I'd like to at least make some cookie dough for the freezer or even bake the cookies if I can figure out how to keep them fresh.

Oh, and assembling some favors for my cousin's shower.  Man, I know how to keep myself busy!

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