Thursday, March 17, 2011

My Amazing Man

C managed to get all the favors done yesterday, all 155 of them!  He sat down and made a bowl of each color of M&M and filled up every. single. test tube.  And not only did he fill every one, he alternated colors so they all have the same pattern.

When he was done with that, he painted our signs for the ceremony!  We bought some wooden arrows and some paint and he went to work on those.  All we need to do now is touch them up and add the word "Wedding" to each one.

He's awesome.

Bridesmaids gifts are officially finished.  I ordered the last pieces yesterday so I can cross that off my list.  C, being a guy, is just starting his gifts for his guys.  I've kept out of it because he knows them better than I do and what they'd like.  I'd end up getting all of them cufflinks or something they'd rarely use.

According to our invitation people, they are on their way to us!  This entire process has been extremely frustrating and my etsy review will be mixed.  I can't go negative, but it will probably be neutral.  They took somethat that I consider to be pretty basic (they were stock invitations and we didn't ask for anything crazy) and made it complicated to the point that I was ready to call the whole thing off.  They forgot about me, they made the wrong thing, they didn't know what their pricing was, etc.  I know I'll like the finished product but all this work has been horrible.  

But, when the invitations finally arrive we will spend some time assembling them and getting them out the door.  I wanted them done this week but I'll settle for next weekend.

Assembly will include folding the map and inserting the moo card (which are also on their way to me!) and then sealing them with a wax stamp.  I found out that we can use glue guns to do the wax which will be way less messy and then stamp them while they're setting up.  I've heard that Michael's sells a kit so it looks like I'll be spending more money there.  Plus, there's still vellum paper to buy!

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