Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Invite Delight

I truly love our invitations.  I think they're so beautiful with their sparkly paper and Chicago skyline and our names all script-y.  I love the response cards and can't wait to see what kind of responses we get.

However, last night while stuffing them I noticed that the quantities they sent us are all over the place.  There are 2 fewer response cards than pocketfolds, 1 fewer response envelopes, and 16 extra invitation envelopes.  I mean, I know we got extra envelopes to account for any mistakes, and C says I shouldn't complain about extras but to me it's an example of how all over the place their numbers are.  Who was counting anyway?

And one invitation that we'll have to send to a close family member (hi Sarah!) because it's got a big old glue glob on the front.

Last night we assembled all of them and today at lunch I'm going to run to Kinko's (which isn't called Kinko's anymore, did you know?) and make the copies of the map I created.  Those will get folded up and stuffed as well.  Then all I have to do is print up the labels because I am NOT hand-addressing 100 invites and we can get these babies in the mail.

Thanks to a postage scale in my office, I think we actually only need $0.61 stamps instead of 2 $0.44 on each.  Bye-bye to the king and queen, hello wedding cake!  Actually, I have no feelings either way about the wedding cake but it will work.

See?  It's fine.

I sent in the final payment for the pavilion today.  What should have been $250 turned out to be $670 JUST to rent the pavilion, get parking passes for everyone and have the tables removed.  Oh yeah, that's going to be another round of stamps to mail out parking passes to everyone who actually decides to come.

Speaking of, I wasn't going to blog about this because I've been trying to focus on the good stuff but now it looks like there's a small chance 2 (maybe 3 since no one ever hears from the youngest) of my brothers may not come to my wedding.  One is the brother who is getting married in 4 weeks and I'm going to be extremely hurt & upset if they decide they don't have the money to come after planning this crazy wedding for themselves.  They didn't NEED to do this.  Not now, not this way and if it affects my own brother being present at my wedding I am going to lose it.

My older brother typically means well but often finds criticism in just about every decision I make.  Especially if it inconveniences him.  He has 7 children with one on the way and I understand that traveling is not an easy task.  But I'm not asking for that much.  I've pretty much given up on any of his family participating in my wedding (singing or ring bearer) and at this point will just be happy to have them there.  But even though they go camping every year and drive how ever far it is, 6 hours is too much.  Maybe.  I'm not asking them to come on Friday and miss work, I'm asking them to be there on Saturday, for a 3pm ceremony.  But they've been talking about not coming.

I can't stand the thought of celebrating my wedding without my brothers there.  I try not to think about it.  I feel like somehow they think this is my fault for deciding to get married in Chicago and make everyone travel and I'm just supposed to accept that if I ask people to travel that they may not come.  

I think a lot of people forget that Corey's family is in Ohio/Michigan and they have to travel too.  That there wasn't an easy way to make sure most people could attend without splitting the distance somehow.  How was I supposed to ask C's family to all trek to MN just to (selfishly) accommodate my family and inconvenience theirs?  Hey, welcome me to the family but I'm going to make it extra hard to do so!

Like I said, I'm trying to stay calm about it.  Who knows what will happen and there's no point in getting upset about something that hasn't happened yet.  

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