Thursday, March 3, 2011

B*tches be Crazy!

That from some movie and I say it to C occasionally when a woman we know (myself included) gets... you know... the way women sometimes get.

So you also know that I'm planning my cousin's shower and holy crap, Showers be Expensive, yo!  I bought the invitations finally because I finally got a headcount and wow, the printing plus rush delivery put the invites at $75!  Then I bought the heart-shaped cookie cutters for the favors and there went another $45.  I have pretty much scrapped the all red M&M idea because a 5-lb bag of them is another $55 or something.  And I still have all that food to make and mason jars to buy and cookie making ingredients (the favors are cookie mix in a jar with the cookie cutters).

In my wedding news, we're all set for our trip in a week.  We've got our appointments set up and I think I'll feel a lot better after we go and I know things are set.  I think we found a new musician for the ceremony which is a relief.  My cousin's fiance is a musician and I think he'll be able to play for us which will be awesome (and FREE!).

I'm starting to feel the crunch since it's only 12 weeks away and I keep thinking of all these things that aren't done yet like centerpieces and the seating chart and the Groom's dinner.  C has Spring Break in 2 weeks and I'm hoping I can get him to do a couple of the projects for us, like assembling the favors and getting the menus printed.

I tell ya, I'll feel a lot better in 12 weeks and 4 days!

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