Thursday, March 24, 2011


An alternate title could be, "What Is It With Guys Anyway?

I'm happy to report that I got some sleep last night, even if I had to take some cold medicine before bed.  Whatever works, I needed that sleep!

My consultation with my dr. resulted in her recommending that I stop using benzoyl peroxide and switch to salicylic acid (both are common treatments for acne and one typically works better than the other depending on your skin type).  We decided to give it 2 weeks and see what needs to change from there.  She recommended a 2% foam but that's not Rx strength so the pharmacy had no way to fill it and recommended I just buy something OTC.  They contacted her and I'm curious to see if she bumps me up to 6% instead.

The thing that I really like about my doctor is that she understands where I'm at with having a wedding in 60 days and wanting to look my best.  She doesn't judge me at all and is really, really nice.  

The thing about Guys is that C & I have that photo shoot scheduled for 3 weeks from Saturday and he doesn't see the point in doing it.  I told him that it's important to me to have pictures of us as a family every so often that we can put up and look at and we haven't done it since Addy was about 5 months old.

I'd actually like to schedule it yearly as our family grows.  I think it would be really cool to know that every June (or whenever) we do a photo shoot and see the kids grow and change.

Anyway, you know what a photo shoot means, a new outfit!  Maybe.  The thing is that for my brother's wedding in a few weeks they requested that we wear blue or purple to reflect their wedding colors (I don't know why we're doing it now when the "big deal" isn't until next year but it's their choice) so I thought I could kill 2 birds and buy a dress for the photo shoot that would be appropriate for their ceremony as well.

C will probably tell me I have enough dresses that I don't need a new one but he's a guy.  What does he know?  Plus, if it's the right dress I could probably wear it to my shower too!  It would practically pay for itself.  Am I being convincing enough?  Do I have permission to shop?

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