Thursday, December 30, 2010

Holida-ay, Celebra-ate!

Admit it, you're totally singing Madonna's Holiday in your head now.  At least, that was my intention.

With the holidays arriving, there wasn't much done in wedding country.  BUT, I did stay at my MOH's house one night and she tried on her dress for me!  I actually don't think she'll have to have it altered at all which is a relief because I seriously have guilt trips over the amount of money we're asking people to spend.  My SIL who is smaller than small, as in, David's Bridal doesn't make dresses small enough to fit her will by paying almost as much in alterations as she is for the dress.  And yes, we're getting outside, private alterations.

I also tried on my wedding dress for my mom and I think I almost took her breath away.  She LOVED it, which was a huge relief to me.  It wouldn't have been the end of the world if she hadn't, but I'd like us to be on the same page for things.

With this wedding now under 5 months away it's reality time.  It's time to get in the gym because when I tried on my dress I found that I did not have a single inch to spare in the torso.  So it's time to get serious and drop just a couple pounds (nothing crazy, about 15lbs is my goal) and feel phenomenal in that dress.  

I also need to buy some spanx and my damn shoes because it's fitting time!

Now that these holidays and food fest 2010 are all done, save 2 family parties, I hope to be able to post more and put the details and plans into place.

Happy New Year!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Going Public

I'm torn between opening this blog to the entire world (meaning my Facebook friends & family) and haven't yet done so.  I'm torn for 2 reasons.  One, if I want to complain about something, I will have no worries of any people the complaint involves reading the horrible things I said.  (let's get real, I don't really write horrible things about people.  It'd be about hurting their feelings in any way.)  And two, while I have a HUGE desire to share all the cool things about our wedding, I still want people to be surprised!

When I worked at Ford, we used to call certain features "surprise and delight" features.  This was because the customer was not expecting said feature and would be surprised and delighted to find it in their new car.  Like the compass when it was first added, or heated seats.  You buy a car to get from A to B, but what a surprise and delight to find out you've got a built in GPS!  You certainly don't NEED it (unless you're my future MIL) but isn't it great?!

So I want to have surprise and delight features at our wedding.  You go to a wedding to watch 2 people get married, eat some food and dance and drink.  But what a surprise to find out that not only is there a photo booth, but you can dress up like a pirate too!

I want to shout to the world that I found mustaches, glasses, hats, eye patches, animal masks, dry-erase speech bubbles, mardi gras masks, feather boas, etc for the photobooth, but won't it be fun to let people find them on their own and use them?  If you were a guest, would you want to know ahead of time?

Monday, December 20, 2010

Deck the Bride

I'm trying SO hard not to become one of those brides who's only topic of conversation is the wedding.  I guess that's part of why I created this blog.  There's only a few people would would listen to wedding talk non-stop and like I said, I'm trying to be at least 2 dimensional...  

There wasn't a ton of wedding progress made this weekend unless you count addressing a TON of Save the Dates (STDs).  I really, really want to get those suckers in the mail before we leave for our Christmas vacation.  Sending those out also means updating our wedding website and stalking our registry even more!  But I really want people to have them as they start the new year so they know exactly when our wedding is and where and can plan for it.

Another thing I did this weekend was buy my wedding jewelry while I was out Christmas shopping, whoops!  But I've been admiring these earrings online for probably a month now and I finally got to see them in person and decided they were exactly what I was looking for.  Plus, they were 60% off and then my SIL had a 30% off coupon so I got both pieces (necklace and earrings) for less than 2/3 of the price of one!

Curious to see what they look like?  Here.  I love they way they'll look with my hair up and compliment the blue of my sash.  The necklace matches and I'm going to get a slightly shorter chain for it so it doesn't interfere with my neckline and then I'll be done.

The only thing I'm torn about is that my mom offered to dig out my grandmother's pearls (she passed away when I was about 10) for me to wear as an heirloom piece.  I suppose I'll see how they look with the dress but I'm wondering if I can wrap them around my bouquet instead.  

So I consider myself almost done, save for shoes and undergarments.  I'll probably get some Spanx and I know what shoes I want, I'm just having a hard time pulling the trigger on them.  I thought I wanted 3-in heels for some reason (because I don't want to be able to walk the next day?) but the ones I found are about 2 1/4.   I will order them anyway and see what I think.

That's about all from Wedding Land today!  Thanks for sticking with me all this time!

Friday, December 17, 2010

My Vision

Sometimes I worry what people will think of our wedding.  When they see all the details will they wrinkle up their noses?  Will they think I've gone overboard?  Should I even care?

The truth is that I've put so much of myself into this wedding, trying to make it a reflection of who C & I are as a couple as well as a celebration.  I think I'd be really hurt if I found out that people were looking down on the things that I chose or created.

I'm not so worried about my friends as I am about our families and our older guests.  I think that for a very long time weddings were so cookie-cutter that you didn't stray much from the formula.  While I want us to have a traditional  wedding, I want to put our touches on it.  We're not going crazy, but the nerdy details and my colored shoes and the songs we'll pick might not fit with the traditional pattern.

BUT, I think the important thing to remember is that this day is going to look the way I want it to look.  That it will be a celebration of Love in the way that I want to celebrate.

The reason I'm thinking of all this is because I'm trying to come up with something to do as a Unity ritual during our ceremony and I hate everything I've heard of.  The traditional way is to do the Unity Candle, but what do you do with the candle when you're done?  A guy at work told me his dog ate his, what is that?  

There also things like a sand ceremony (again, what do you do with the sand), a Rose ceremony (you take flowers from your moms to become one bouquet?), a wine ceremony (you mix wines and both drink), and even planting a tree together.  None of those things speak to me.  I thought we'd be resigned to the candle and I'd have to be ok with it.

But then I heard of the wine box.  The concept is fairly simple, you place a bottle of wine and a letter you've each written in a box to be sealed for a period of time.  The letters are supposed to talk about why you're getting married, why you fell in love with eachother, what you're feeling at that time.  The idea is that if your marriage is ever in jeopardy you are supposed to open the box, drink the wine, read the letters and remember why you did this crazy thing in the first place.

It's been modified by couples to be opened every 5 years, to include letters from their parents, to nail the box shut during the ceremony among other things.  I even heard of one couple that had guests contribute things with a certain year on them (4th year, 10th year) for the couple to open on that anniversary.

Finally, the wine box speaks to me.  Something I can see us doing for the rest of our marriage.  I'd like to seal the box for one year and then celebrate our first year of marriage by opening the box.  Then reseal it with new letter and new wine for another year and on and on.

What a great way to celebrate, don't you think?

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Etsy is my Best Friend

I can not tell you how many amazing things I've found at  It's an AMAZING resource for any occasion, but especially wedding planning.  

Things I've found on etsy: invitations, cake topper, wax seal stamper and wax, possible wedding day gift for C, wine box (I may talk about this later), and tons of possible presents for my bridesmaids.

When I need to buy a present for someone, I almost always scour etsy for something amazing for just that person.  And I can usually find something that will work.  I have a friend who recently got married so I used Nella Designs to create an original silhouette piece of art based on one of their wedding photos.

I found cufflinks for C (which I won't be buying because how often will he really wear cufflinks) that could have map images on them.  Say, one of Chicago for the wedding, and perhaps one of Detroit where we met, or one of Columbus where he dreams of living some day?

I also just found this adorable print which if you checked out the cake topper you'll kind of see the connection.  I love it SO much, I am dying to find way to use it in our wedding!  If we hadn't done save the dates already I would be tempted to use that sketch instead.  Oops, I just remembered that I never showed you the STDs (yes, that's really how they're referred to in the wedding world).  I'll try to remember to do that soon.

I've been searching etsy for jewelry for the big day as well as a headband since that one broke.  I've looked at little clutches for my BM gifts and potential jewelry for them too.  The possibilities are endless.

Anyway, here's another fan blog.  I love a ton of things to do with our wedding (as it should be) so expect a lot of these!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I wonder what will happen one day when I don't have an update.  Well, that's not today!  Today I sent the official contract to our DJ and to my hair/make up artist (MUA).  So they are pretty much booked.  I just need to send the deposit to the MUA and that's all set.
I also need to print out the photographer's contract and send that with the deposit and we'll be good to go there too.

I love being able to cross things off my list!  I got a quote for chairs for our ceremony so as soon as I approve it and send a deposit, that will be done too!

In 1 week, C & I are having coffee with a local photographer to set up an informal engagement shoot.  I had this idea (that I stole) to create a guest book with engagement photos in it so guests could sign next to our pictures.  Otherwise, what do you do with the engagement photos?  You have so many wedding pictures that the engagement ones probably end up taking a back seat.  So why not combine them with a guest book, which is normally boring anyway.

So I'll be figuring out what I want to wear for this photo shoot.  We'll be both indoor and out so if I wear a dress I'll probably put tights underneath it.  I'm not super crazy about that look but maybe I can put something together.  I'd also love to do a preppy/cozy look with corduroys & a cozy sweater but I don't currently own corduroys and C might kill me if I shop for myself any more...

We're also going to do some family pictures to get Addy in.  We haven't done a family photo shoot for over a year and she changes SO much!  She'll need something super cute to wear too.  Hmmm, guess I'm perusing the internets today!

Monday, December 13, 2010

You Oughta be in Pictures

We found a wonderful photographer over the weekend and we're *thisclose* to signing the contract so she is ours.  We had a phone conversation with her on Saturday night and she is so sweet and works really hard to make sure her brides and grooms are happy that I just know she's going to deliver the things I want.  

We originally had found a photographer, a girl I went to High School with, and made an e-mail agreement that she would shoot our wedding for an agreed upon fee.  She sent me an e-mail with a list of shots for me to edit and said she'd be sending a contract along for us to review and sign.  But months went by and no contract.  I sent her an e-mail about 3 weeks ago asking her if there was an issue and never got a reply so that left me open to find another photographer.

At first I was angry because May is a popular wedding month and I felt like we were scrambling.  I was mad that I hadn't even put photographer on the to-do list because I thought we were done there.  But then I started looking around and found some options including Cathleen and I'm actually much happier now that we've found her.  I think she'll be better in every way over our original girl.  

Cathleen has made us a very generous offer that includes 2 shooters, a CD with all our images for us to use as we wish, and a trash the dress OR boudoir shoot for me (or for Corey depending on how you look at it).  I will probably take her up on the boudoir shoot and give it to C on our first anniversary, the paper one.  Makes sense to me, plus he'll love it.  I want to do it right around wedding time when I'll hopefully be in my best shape so booking it and keeping it a surprise will be a challenge, but I'm willing to take that on.

I also bought our cake topper this weekend and I am SO excited about it!!  It's something that's perfect for us and it took a lot of work to find something that would represent us in the way I wanted to.  You can see it here!  It's SO AWESOME!

This wedding train just keeps chugging along!!

Friday, December 10, 2010

I like to Move It, Move It!

We have booked our DJ!  We met with 2 DJs during our last wedding planning trip and while both had highs and lows there was a clear winner.  This guy stole Corey's hear when he mentioned having the theme to the Thundercats show at a wedding.  He was all like, "You can DO THAT?!"

I used to think that I need to write a list down to present to my DJ and pray to God that he had all the music somewhere and that he'd have turntables or something to fade in and out of songs.  You can tell that I am oblivious to technology.  It turns out that our DJ has an entire website with something crazy like 1 million songs in a database and all C & I have to do is log on and go, "Ummm, what do you wanna hear?"  We can search by either title or artist, so if I love the song, "Mack the Knife" I can search that title and have 20 options of who I'd like to hear singing it for me.

AND, our business is SO important to them that if they don't have a song, they will spend the $0.99 on iTunes to get it for us.  They will also work with other "industry people" to find the song if it's not on iTunes.  Not only that, but they will customize songs for us.

For example: I am going to dance with my dad to "Isn't She Lovely" by Stevie Wonder.  Having only heard it on the radio, I was unaware that in the middle of the song there's a baby crying.  I don't want to dance to some wailing baby, I hear that at home enough!  So our DJ is going to cut out the crappy baby part and also slow down the song just slightly for me.  

Also, for a bit I wanted to have our first dance cut from something slow to something faster (like "The Way You Make Me Feel" by MJ) and they not only would cut it together but they'd send us a copy ahead of time so we could practice if we wanted.  We're not going to do that any longer but isn't that cool?

Lest you think I'm being paid to praise them this much, the one downside is that the guy doesn't think it's feasible to do the ceremony AND set up for the cocktail hour and reception for our wedding.  I dunno, I feel like he could set up at the hotel some then do the ceremony with minimal equipment (a speaker, a microphone and one system with our 4 songs loaded) and then still have almost 1.5 hours before the reception began.  I would think he'd preload a playlist for the cocktail hour anyway.  No one's going to see him until the reception starts.  Of course, if it were that easy then I wouldn't have to pay him so much, would I?

Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Break

Lest you think all I ever do is talk, blog, and think about weddings, here's a current mishmash of everything else in my head.

I've got to find one more Christmas present for C since I'm still about $20 under the limit we set for eachother's gifts. I already bought him "Planet Earth" that show on the Discovery Channel narrated by Sigourney Weaver. He loves it and tries to trick me into watching it whenever it's on. Not only will he like to own it but he can actually use it for teaching. I also got him an OSU (Ohio State) windbreaker thing to wear which I think he'll like. He's OSU crazy, in fact our next child (be it a boy) will be named Owen Spencer U. It would be extremely sad but I really like the name!

He does need a new wallet but how boring and practical. I used to have a million ideas of what to get him and I'm getting stumped. He loves this one cookbook and loves cooking in general so I may try to find another cookbook for him.

Speaking of cooking, we got a wonderful Christmas present from my parents last night! They bought us a KitchenAid stand mixer!!! I'm so freaking excited to get this thing out of its box and put it to work! I think I may finally attempt to make my own cinnamon rolls!

Wow, I just went on our wedding registry to delete the mixer since my parents did not buy off our registry and someone has already bought us wedding presents! So I guess after we finally send out our STDs I'll be stalking our wedding registry to see what else has been purchased.

I was home sick for 2 days and did not get a single thing done other than sleep and lie on the couch. I did finish my book but other than that I was unproductive. I hate the fact that C won't kiss me when I'm sick. I understand the rationale but all I want is to be comforted and it sucks that he avoids me. I still don't know exactly what was wrong, some kind of stomach bug. I tried to get ready for work yesterday and had to exit the shower to avoid throwing up in it. Ugh.

I will mention one wedding thing but it's only half wedding and half family. I've been emailing a local photographer to set up an engagement/family shoot for ourselves. We had one shoot, kind of, but in every picture we are holding signs that say, "Save the Date", "May 21" and "Chicago". I want to make a photobook with some pictures of us to use as a guest book at the wedding. I think that engagement pictures always turn out really nice, but what do you do with them once the wedding is over? I mean, all your wedding pictures take over so I think it would be a great use of the engagement pictures.

I want to do a family shoot too because it's been over a year since we've done a professional one and Addy changes so much. This lady is kind of new but what I've seen of her work, I like. She's reasonably priced and I think we'll get some good stuff from her. As long as she lets us have all the images to make our book, I'll be happy. We're meeting with her in 2 weeks to talk about it and see if we like eachother and we'll go from there!

Have a great Thursday!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The pavilion was not all the progress made in wedding land yesterday, my dress arrived last night!!! I raced home and literally stripped in the living room to try her on. It actually fits better than I thought she would, I thought I'd be altering in every area, but around the ribs fits perfectly. I will need it taken in in the waist/hips area. I'd like the dress to be a little fitted to my hips and flare out from there. The dress is also too long so hemming will be needed, but I knew that. That girl was 5'9"!

I'll also need her taken in in the bust, but not alter my ribs so maybe the cups can be made smaller?

Anyway, she is bundled up, back in her box until I figure out who's doing alterations. C does NOT want to know anything about the dress, except what I've told him which is that it has lace, it's going to have a navy sash, and it's ivory.

So there's one more thing off the list! I have my dress!!

Monday, December 6, 2010


I'm insanely excited this morning because I just reserved the pavilion for our ceremony!!!! We have a place to get married (barring any weather complications that is)! It's just so exciting for me to see things coming together!

There was not a lot of progress made in wedding-land this weekend as I had guests in town and we spent our time running around. Our Save the Dates did come in the mail but I don't have access to them right now so I can't show them to you. Trust me, they're cute. So now I get to spend my evenings addressing envelopes to get these suckers out. I need to put our Christmas cards with them to save a stamp (or 100) so I should probably buy those too.

My dress is on it's way to me and I can't wait to see it! I should be receiving it any day now and hopefully she packaged it up well enough to withstand the snow and cold and slush on the ground. She didn't give me a tracking number so I'm apparently just going to be surprised when it arrives.

Other things on my mind right now: we have a couple deposits to take care of to hold our vendors. The DJ, magician, and Hair/Make up people all need our money and signatures. So we need to start doing that to make sure we've got them. I don't want to lose people we've worked hard to find. Plus, we're not going to get to Chicago very soon so finding someone else would be a challenge.

I did make an appointment with another photography studio because I should be in the area in 3 weeks for work but I'll only have time for one meeting. I think I'll like these people. I hate going by myself but C can't go with me and photography isn't as high on his list anyway. His thing is having a photobooth so I'll make sure that's covered and we'll be all good.

Did I explain about the magician yet? Our wedding reception will be taking place in the New Orleans ballroom at the hotel and our cocktail hour will be on "Bourbon Street" which is set up to look like downtown New Orleans with building facades and street lamps and like cobblestones on the floor. So we're going to play up the New Orleans theme and have beads and masks and a strolling magician! I think it's going to be awesome even though we're not going to be at our own cocktail hour. I don't think it's appropriate for the bride & groom to attend cocktail hour and then turn around and be introduced at the reception, so we'll be hidden away at that point.

I'll just say one more time, I love seeing things fall in to place! It makes me so excited for our wedding day!

Friday, December 3, 2010


In order to get ready for this one day where all eyes will be on me (and C sometimes) I've been trying to figure out a pampering routine. Sorry to break the news to you but at the ripe old age of 31, I am STILL getting acne on my face and back. Ugh. It's been a long battle, since junior high, and it's never really gone away. The good news is that it's always kind of been the same.

But I decided that enough was enough and I finally made the call and ordered Proactiv. I figured, all I've got to lose is $40 and if it works then it's totally worth it. And I've been using it for going on 4 weeks now.

The results? It actually seems to be working, but it wasn't instantaneous. The plus side is that my skin does seem clearer and there definitely have not been any new blemishes popping up. The down side is that it's drying out the skin around my eyes pretty badly but it's making my T-zone extra oily (especially my forehead) because my skin is trying to compensate for this dryness. And as my make up artist told me at my trial, powder is my worst enemy right now because it makes my skin think it's dehydrated and then it produces even more oil. So I need to give up the powder and start carrying blotting sheets.

Speaking of the make up trial, it went pretty well. The girl definitely knew what she was doing and she uses all MAC cosmetics. I was very pleased with my eyes and she even managed to get me in some fake eyelashes which I'd never done before and was skeptical. But there are some pretty reserved ones out there now.

My only complaint (and it's actually pretty big to me) was that when I got back to the hotel, about 1.5 hours after this make up was applied, it had settled into lines around my eyes and forehead and made me look about 10 years older. C said it wasn't that bad but I hated it. I'm no spring chicken, but I do NOT have wrinkles. In fact, I tend to look young for my age.

I asked the make up girl about this later and she said that because my face is dry, my skin is trying to absorb things (?) and so it draws in the make up in odd places. Her suggestion was regular facials to keep my face hydrated until the wedding and they'll also use a special powder that is "
an ionized product that thins the foundation out so it isn't as thick and blends better on the skin"

I have a hair appointment next weekend where I'll get my color redone and a very small trim to keep the length and the salon also offers facials, so I think I'll talk to them about a package deal for brides. Perhaps they have something set up already. If I go ever 6 weeks or so, that's only 3-4 before the wedding (eeep, it's getting close).

And then there's pedicures, manicures, and waxing before the big day. This is a lot of work!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Best Dressed

I did it! I bought my dress last night! I'm a little freaked out by the whole thing, it's such a big decision. If you're curious about it, you can see the very dress I bought here. It's too big in almost every measurement so there will be alterations and I'm going to see if maybe I can undo the sweetheart neckline because she had that done. Normally the neckline is a very gentle sweetheart. If it can't be undone, then I'll just deal. It's not going to make or break anything.

I'm also going to switch out the sash for a navy one to match my BMs and my shoes. I think the navy against the white is just going to be such a great contrast. She's also throwing in the veil so there's another purchase I won't have to make.

Cross dress off the list. Also cross off Save the Dates because we finally freaking ordered those things. We just went with a very simple Shutterfly card and it was much cheaper than a lot of other options. It links everyone to our wedding website, so I should probably go touch up that thing soon since people will be seeing it.

I was going to borrow a jeweled headband from a friend who recently got married and she shipped it to me over the weekend. It unfortunately arrived broken so I'm trying to find one now. The woman who did my hair at the trial left some room for a headband and I think it's going to look gorgeous so I need to figure that out. I'm constantly searching etsy but they never have anything quite like I'm looking for. Plus, I want it to be stretchy, not a ribbon one that I have to tie on. David's bridal has one for $50, I guess that is my back-up.

If you want to see the pavilion/gazebo, the best way is to see it here. If you scroll down, it's that large wooden structure in the bottom picture. We have permission to decorate it but I'm not sure it needs it. We were only thinking about wrapping some of the columns anyway, nothing huge. I was thinking flowers but that could get crazy expensive so maybe just ribbons or nothing at all. We're only allowed to use tape so that may deter any plans I have.

I can't wait to see that park and pavilion in the spring, it's going to be so pretty!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Nerd Alert!

Some of this I've covered before, but for those who care to know here are some of the more nerdy details of our affair.

Our seating chart is going to be the periodic table with Guest's names fill in instead of element names. I secretly love the play on periodic table/dinner table... I've already started working on it, using a blank periodic table that I created in Excel. We'll probably end up printing that baby off at Kinko's to mount on some foam and put on an easel.

Since an element on the PT usually has the name, atomic weight, symbol and atomic number, we'll be playing on that with Guest Name, Initials, their table number, and our wedding date in decimal format (5.21).
Jacque G.

Something along those lines but much better looking. The other thing I might do is change the color to reflect what main course they're having at dinner, but since there are only 2 vegetarian guests that I know of, that could look funny. Plus, it's not like the servers will be using that to serve anyway.

Another nerdy touch is that our favors will be wedding color M&Ms in test tubes with cork stoppers. I thought about doing actual Nerds candies, but blue nerds just seem like they'd be really gross. So M&Ms it is! Then we'll attach a tag that has the element symbol similar to above, but we'll make up an element like Ty for Thank You or Ulr for our last name. Then on the back we'll either "define" the element which will somehow thank our guests for coming, or just say thanks.

I haven't yet come up with a way to number the tables except with just numbers. I thought we could name them after elements or scientists, but with the seating chart that doesn't work. Unless Table 12 is also the Sir Isaac Newton table. But I found these candle wrapper thingys that could have the table number and it would glow and that just sounds so much better than stupid scientists.

Also, we're going to have sparklers. That's not nerdy, that's just awesome.

The beginning

The reason for Destination: Married is two-fold.

1) Though I'm reluctant to leave Xanga, I no longer blog over there with any regularity. I'm hopeful that my followers from there will come here though as they're the only people I care to share this blog with! I can't access Xanga from work any longer and by the time I get home at night, take care of Addy and dinner and whatever else I've got going on, blogging is very low or off the list.

2) I need a place to write about wedding stuff. Pure and simple. C is the only one I actually talk to about these things without feeling incredibly self-centered. And he is a guy, though he is WAY more involved than I ever thought he would be, but he doesn't care about everything.

I need a place where I can get in to all the nitty gritty details of my (our) day and not worry that I'm going to completely bore him into a coma.

The title comes from our having a "Destination Wedding" which is not as tropical as it sounds. We're getting married outside Chicago. But apparently any time you plan a wedding away from where you actually live, it's considered destination.

Here's what's at the top of my list currently: I called to book the gazebo in Pottawatomie Park today. It's really called the large Pavilion because this sucker is WAY more than a silly gazebo. It's huge. I have no doubts that it will have no issues holding our guests. And it's gorgeous.

I found out that I have to call back on Monday at 9am even though I was specifically told to call today. The lady on the phone was extremely helpful though and answered all my questions about does the pavilion have power and can I decorate and those types of things.

I also found out that I apparently have to pay an extra $300 to have the tables that are currently in the pavilion removed, in addition to the rental fee. And no, I can not send out my groom, groomsmen, and hulking brothers to take care of this for me. I HAVE to pay. So now, my little $250 ceremony jumped to $670 roughly, not including chair rental, decorations, music, or transportation. So much for less than $1000.

Other things that I'm currently dealing with. The rehearsal dinner. I have no idea what to do about this one. I thought I'd found a great place but the party room is upstairs and C's dad can't do stairs. So back to the drawing board. Why I'm worried about this now when there's 6 months to go is beyond me but it's one detail that keeps popping up.

I am all set to finally purchase my gown today, slightly used, from this girl online. We're using PayPal so it all seems legit but I'm waiting for her to confirm it's still available and then it's go time! I'm slightly nervous about purchasing used but the price is too good and it's the dress I want. Her measurements are slightly off so there will be alterations, but I'm paying $550 less than new and we now know my ceremony cost went up by at least that.

On top of the dress, I need to figure out shoes and jewelry for myself. I want to find the perfect pair of navy satin heels and I'm having issues there. Nothing is just quite right.

Anyway, there's a brain dump to get things started. Hopefully you can keep up with me as I plan away! Welcome!!!