Friday, December 10, 2010

I like to Move It, Move It!

We have booked our DJ!  We met with 2 DJs during our last wedding planning trip and while both had highs and lows there was a clear winner.  This guy stole Corey's hear when he mentioned having the theme to the Thundercats show at a wedding.  He was all like, "You can DO THAT?!"

I used to think that I need to write a list down to present to my DJ and pray to God that he had all the music somewhere and that he'd have turntables or something to fade in and out of songs.  You can tell that I am oblivious to technology.  It turns out that our DJ has an entire website with something crazy like 1 million songs in a database and all C & I have to do is log on and go, "Ummm, what do you wanna hear?"  We can search by either title or artist, so if I love the song, "Mack the Knife" I can search that title and have 20 options of who I'd like to hear singing it for me.

AND, our business is SO important to them that if they don't have a song, they will spend the $0.99 on iTunes to get it for us.  They will also work with other "industry people" to find the song if it's not on iTunes.  Not only that, but they will customize songs for us.

For example: I am going to dance with my dad to "Isn't She Lovely" by Stevie Wonder.  Having only heard it on the radio, I was unaware that in the middle of the song there's a baby crying.  I don't want to dance to some wailing baby, I hear that at home enough!  So our DJ is going to cut out the crappy baby part and also slow down the song just slightly for me.  

Also, for a bit I wanted to have our first dance cut from something slow to something faster (like "The Way You Make Me Feel" by MJ) and they not only would cut it together but they'd send us a copy ahead of time so we could practice if we wanted.  We're not going to do that any longer but isn't that cool?

Lest you think I'm being paid to praise them this much, the one downside is that the guy doesn't think it's feasible to do the ceremony AND set up for the cocktail hour and reception for our wedding.  I dunno, I feel like he could set up at the hotel some then do the ceremony with minimal equipment (a speaker, a microphone and one system with our 4 songs loaded) and then still have almost 1.5 hours before the reception began.  I would think he'd preload a playlist for the cocktail hour anyway.  No one's going to see him until the reception starts.  Of course, if it were that easy then I wouldn't have to pay him so much, would I?

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