Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The pavilion was not all the progress made in wedding land yesterday, my dress arrived last night!!! I raced home and literally stripped in the living room to try her on. It actually fits better than I thought she would, I thought I'd be altering in every area, but around the ribs fits perfectly. I will need it taken in in the waist/hips area. I'd like the dress to be a little fitted to my hips and flare out from there. The dress is also too long so hemming will be needed, but I knew that. That girl was 5'9"!

I'll also need her taken in in the bust, but not alter my ribs so maybe the cups can be made smaller?

Anyway, she is bundled up, back in her box until I figure out who's doing alterations. C does NOT want to know anything about the dress, except what I've told him which is that it has lace, it's going to have a navy sash, and it's ivory.

So there's one more thing off the list! I have my dress!!

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