Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Nerd Alert!

Some of this I've covered before, but for those who care to know here are some of the more nerdy details of our affair.

Our seating chart is going to be the periodic table with Guest's names fill in instead of element names. I secretly love the play on periodic table/dinner table... I've already started working on it, using a blank periodic table that I created in Excel. We'll probably end up printing that baby off at Kinko's to mount on some foam and put on an easel.

Since an element on the PT usually has the name, atomic weight, symbol and atomic number, we'll be playing on that with Guest Name, Initials, their table number, and our wedding date in decimal format (5.21).
Jacque G.

Something along those lines but much better looking. The other thing I might do is change the color to reflect what main course they're having at dinner, but since there are only 2 vegetarian guests that I know of, that could look funny. Plus, it's not like the servers will be using that to serve anyway.

Another nerdy touch is that our favors will be wedding color M&Ms in test tubes with cork stoppers. I thought about doing actual Nerds candies, but blue nerds just seem like they'd be really gross. So M&Ms it is! Then we'll attach a tag that has the element symbol similar to above, but we'll make up an element like Ty for Thank You or Ulr for our last name. Then on the back we'll either "define" the element which will somehow thank our guests for coming, or just say thanks.

I haven't yet come up with a way to number the tables except with just numbers. I thought we could name them after elements or scientists, but with the seating chart that doesn't work. Unless Table 12 is also the Sir Isaac Newton table. But I found these candle wrapper thingys that could have the table number and it would glow and that just sounds so much better than stupid scientists.

Also, we're going to have sparklers. That's not nerdy, that's just awesome.

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  1. How about you color code them to if their friends/family of the bride or groom or parents of bride or groom? Then you'd have at least 3 colors.