Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Etsy is my Best Friend

I can not tell you how many amazing things I've found at  It's an AMAZING resource for any occasion, but especially wedding planning.  

Things I've found on etsy: invitations, cake topper, wax seal stamper and wax, possible wedding day gift for C, wine box (I may talk about this later), and tons of possible presents for my bridesmaids.

When I need to buy a present for someone, I almost always scour etsy for something amazing for just that person.  And I can usually find something that will work.  I have a friend who recently got married so I used Nella Designs to create an original silhouette piece of art based on one of their wedding photos.

I found cufflinks for C (which I won't be buying because how often will he really wear cufflinks) that could have map images on them.  Say, one of Chicago for the wedding, and perhaps one of Detroit where we met, or one of Columbus where he dreams of living some day?

I also just found this adorable print which if you checked out the cake topper you'll kind of see the connection.  I love it SO much, I am dying to find way to use it in our wedding!  If we hadn't done save the dates already I would be tempted to use that sketch instead.  Oops, I just remembered that I never showed you the STDs (yes, that's really how they're referred to in the wedding world).  I'll try to remember to do that soon.

I've been searching etsy for jewelry for the big day as well as a headband since that one broke.  I've looked at little clutches for my BM gifts and potential jewelry for them too.  The possibilities are endless.

Anyway, here's another fan blog.  I love a ton of things to do with our wedding (as it should be) so expect a lot of these!

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