Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Going Public

I'm torn between opening this blog to the entire world (meaning my Facebook friends & family) and haven't yet done so.  I'm torn for 2 reasons.  One, if I want to complain about something, I will have no worries of any people the complaint involves reading the horrible things I said.  (let's get real, I don't really write horrible things about people.  It'd be about hurting their feelings in any way.)  And two, while I have a HUGE desire to share all the cool things about our wedding, I still want people to be surprised!

When I worked at Ford, we used to call certain features "surprise and delight" features.  This was because the customer was not expecting said feature and would be surprised and delighted to find it in their new car.  Like the compass when it was first added, or heated seats.  You buy a car to get from A to B, but what a surprise and delight to find out you've got a built in GPS!  You certainly don't NEED it (unless you're my future MIL) but isn't it great?!

So I want to have surprise and delight features at our wedding.  You go to a wedding to watch 2 people get married, eat some food and dance and drink.  But what a surprise to find out that not only is there a photo booth, but you can dress up like a pirate too!

I want to shout to the world that I found mustaches, glasses, hats, eye patches, animal masks, dry-erase speech bubbles, mardi gras masks, feather boas, etc for the photobooth, but won't it be fun to let people find them on their own and use them?  If you were a guest, would you want to know ahead of time?

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  1. The photo booth was one of my favorite surprise/delight features from my stepbrother's wedding. Another thing they did was scrap book all those pics. I love, love, loved that idea. There was someone taping the pics to a scrapbook and you were allowed to write something to the bride/groom. Best guest book idea ever. In addition to that, two sets printed each time. One for you and one for the bride/groom. I took a set with my Dad and with my cousin. I still need to blog those, but I loved it.