Thursday, December 30, 2010

Holida-ay, Celebra-ate!

Admit it, you're totally singing Madonna's Holiday in your head now.  At least, that was my intention.

With the holidays arriving, there wasn't much done in wedding country.  BUT, I did stay at my MOH's house one night and she tried on her dress for me!  I actually don't think she'll have to have it altered at all which is a relief because I seriously have guilt trips over the amount of money we're asking people to spend.  My SIL who is smaller than small, as in, David's Bridal doesn't make dresses small enough to fit her will by paying almost as much in alterations as she is for the dress.  And yes, we're getting outside, private alterations.

I also tried on my wedding dress for my mom and I think I almost took her breath away.  She LOVED it, which was a huge relief to me.  It wouldn't have been the end of the world if she hadn't, but I'd like us to be on the same page for things.

With this wedding now under 5 months away it's reality time.  It's time to get in the gym because when I tried on my dress I found that I did not have a single inch to spare in the torso.  So it's time to get serious and drop just a couple pounds (nothing crazy, about 15lbs is my goal) and feel phenomenal in that dress.  

I also need to buy some spanx and my damn shoes because it's fitting time!

Now that these holidays and food fest 2010 are all done, save 2 family parties, I hope to be able to post more and put the details and plans into place.

Happy New Year!!

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