Monday, December 13, 2010

You Oughta be in Pictures

We found a wonderful photographer over the weekend and we're *thisclose* to signing the contract so she is ours.  We had a phone conversation with her on Saturday night and she is so sweet and works really hard to make sure her brides and grooms are happy that I just know she's going to deliver the things I want.  

We originally had found a photographer, a girl I went to High School with, and made an e-mail agreement that she would shoot our wedding for an agreed upon fee.  She sent me an e-mail with a list of shots for me to edit and said she'd be sending a contract along for us to review and sign.  But months went by and no contract.  I sent her an e-mail about 3 weeks ago asking her if there was an issue and never got a reply so that left me open to find another photographer.

At first I was angry because May is a popular wedding month and I felt like we were scrambling.  I was mad that I hadn't even put photographer on the to-do list because I thought we were done there.  But then I started looking around and found some options including Cathleen and I'm actually much happier now that we've found her.  I think she'll be better in every way over our original girl.  

Cathleen has made us a very generous offer that includes 2 shooters, a CD with all our images for us to use as we wish, and a trash the dress OR boudoir shoot for me (or for Corey depending on how you look at it).  I will probably take her up on the boudoir shoot and give it to C on our first anniversary, the paper one.  Makes sense to me, plus he'll love it.  I want to do it right around wedding time when I'll hopefully be in my best shape so booking it and keeping it a surprise will be a challenge, but I'm willing to take that on.

I also bought our cake topper this weekend and I am SO excited about it!!  It's something that's perfect for us and it took a lot of work to find something that would represent us in the way I wanted to.  You can see it here!  It's SO AWESOME!

This wedding train just keeps chugging along!!

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