Monday, December 6, 2010


I'm insanely excited this morning because I just reserved the pavilion for our ceremony!!!! We have a place to get married (barring any weather complications that is)! It's just so exciting for me to see things coming together!

There was not a lot of progress made in wedding-land this weekend as I had guests in town and we spent our time running around. Our Save the Dates did come in the mail but I don't have access to them right now so I can't show them to you. Trust me, they're cute. So now I get to spend my evenings addressing envelopes to get these suckers out. I need to put our Christmas cards with them to save a stamp (or 100) so I should probably buy those too.

My dress is on it's way to me and I can't wait to see it! I should be receiving it any day now and hopefully she packaged it up well enough to withstand the snow and cold and slush on the ground. She didn't give me a tracking number so I'm apparently just going to be surprised when it arrives.

Other things on my mind right now: we have a couple deposits to take care of to hold our vendors. The DJ, magician, and Hair/Make up people all need our money and signatures. So we need to start doing that to make sure we've got them. I don't want to lose people we've worked hard to find. Plus, we're not going to get to Chicago very soon so finding someone else would be a challenge.

I did make an appointment with another photography studio because I should be in the area in 3 weeks for work but I'll only have time for one meeting. I think I'll like these people. I hate going by myself but C can't go with me and photography isn't as high on his list anyway. His thing is having a photobooth so I'll make sure that's covered and we'll be all good.

Did I explain about the magician yet? Our wedding reception will be taking place in the New Orleans ballroom at the hotel and our cocktail hour will be on "Bourbon Street" which is set up to look like downtown New Orleans with building facades and street lamps and like cobblestones on the floor. So we're going to play up the New Orleans theme and have beads and masks and a strolling magician! I think it's going to be awesome even though we're not going to be at our own cocktail hour. I don't think it's appropriate for the bride & groom to attend cocktail hour and then turn around and be introduced at the reception, so we'll be hidden away at that point.

I'll just say one more time, I love seeing things fall in to place! It makes me so excited for our wedding day!

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