Thursday, December 2, 2010

Best Dressed

I did it! I bought my dress last night! I'm a little freaked out by the whole thing, it's such a big decision. If you're curious about it, you can see the very dress I bought here. It's too big in almost every measurement so there will be alterations and I'm going to see if maybe I can undo the sweetheart neckline because she had that done. Normally the neckline is a very gentle sweetheart. If it can't be undone, then I'll just deal. It's not going to make or break anything.

I'm also going to switch out the sash for a navy one to match my BMs and my shoes. I think the navy against the white is just going to be such a great contrast. She's also throwing in the veil so there's another purchase I won't have to make.

Cross dress off the list. Also cross off Save the Dates because we finally freaking ordered those things. We just went with a very simple Shutterfly card and it was much cheaper than a lot of other options. It links everyone to our wedding website, so I should probably go touch up that thing soon since people will be seeing it.

I was going to borrow a jeweled headband from a friend who recently got married and she shipped it to me over the weekend. It unfortunately arrived broken so I'm trying to find one now. The woman who did my hair at the trial left some room for a headband and I think it's going to look gorgeous so I need to figure that out. I'm constantly searching etsy but they never have anything quite like I'm looking for. Plus, I want it to be stretchy, not a ribbon one that I have to tie on. David's bridal has one for $50, I guess that is my back-up.

If you want to see the pavilion/gazebo, the best way is to see it here. If you scroll down, it's that large wooden structure in the bottom picture. We have permission to decorate it but I'm not sure it needs it. We were only thinking about wrapping some of the columns anyway, nothing huge. I was thinking flowers but that could get crazy expensive so maybe just ribbons or nothing at all. We're only allowed to use tape so that may deter any plans I have.

I can't wait to see that park and pavilion in the spring, it's going to be so pretty!


  1. This dress is so gorgeous! You are going to be such a beautiful bride! I'm trying to picture how the veil/headband is going to work, do you have a picture for something you're looking for? I keep thinking you could find something at an Indian store? I know Chicago has several and we have some down here too. I'd be happy to look for one if I had an idea.

  2. The veil is just going to be attached at the very bottom of my hair so it just flows out from there and down my back. No veil on my face or up on the crown of my head.
    The best I can show you is this headband:
    The whole look will be similar to this: