Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I wonder what will happen one day when I don't have an update.  Well, that's not today!  Today I sent the official contract to our DJ and to my hair/make up artist (MUA).  So they are pretty much booked.  I just need to send the deposit to the MUA and that's all set.
I also need to print out the photographer's contract and send that with the deposit and we'll be good to go there too.

I love being able to cross things off my list!  I got a quote for chairs for our ceremony so as soon as I approve it and send a deposit, that will be done too!

In 1 week, C & I are having coffee with a local photographer to set up an informal engagement shoot.  I had this idea (that I stole) to create a guest book with engagement photos in it so guests could sign next to our pictures.  Otherwise, what do you do with the engagement photos?  You have so many wedding pictures that the engagement ones probably end up taking a back seat.  So why not combine them with a guest book, which is normally boring anyway.

So I'll be figuring out what I want to wear for this photo shoot.  We'll be both indoor and out so if I wear a dress I'll probably put tights underneath it.  I'm not super crazy about that look but maybe I can put something together.  I'd also love to do a preppy/cozy look with corduroys & a cozy sweater but I don't currently own corduroys and C might kill me if I shop for myself any more...

We're also going to do some family pictures to get Addy in.  We haven't done a family photo shoot for over a year and she changes SO much!  She'll need something super cute to wear too.  Hmmm, guess I'm perusing the internets today!

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