Monday, March 21, 2011


Bear with me today, this is going to be completely random.

Today is C's 30th Birthday!  I'm so excited for him.  I think I'm mostly excited because I managed to keep the pizza delivery for lunch a surprise!  A few more hours and his pizza will show up for his lunch and he has absolutely no idea.  I even let him take a lunch to work with him today because I couldn't stop him without spilling the beans.  I'm can't wait to hear what he thinks about it.  I even asked the pizza guys to put the pepperoni in the shape of a 30.  Heh.

C made it home from his party and had a really good time.  His friends really planned a great weekend for him and he's feeling the love for sure.  He got to party some Friday night then Saturday they went to play WhirlyBall, which from what I understand is a cross between Lacrosse and Bumper Cars.  He said it was an absolute blast.  

The guys also arranged a private dinner at Morton's Steakhouse with a specialized menu just for him.  The bill was almost $900 and he thought it would be funny to tell me he picked up the entire tab and then not text me again for the rest of the night so I spent the night thinking he had lost his mind and preparing for a truly epic argument.  Fortunately, he was kidding, which I suspected but with C you almost never know.  He is generous and thoughtful and I could see him justifying it somehow.

Anyway, over the weekend we managed to get the signs painted for the ceremony, create the pennant banners, and design some tags for the favors.  I also bought some shoes for my bachelorette party which I kind of love even though they're more flashy than I usually go for.  I actually like them so much that I'm considering doing an outfit change for the reception to a little white dress & these shoes just to get the big dress off me.

I also got the favors for my cousin's shower made up so those can be crossed off the list thankfully.  Now I just have to make food and it will be great to have this shower done.  I don't know if I ever shared the favors but they're just jars of sugar cookie mix with a recipe & a heart-shaped cookie cutter attached.  They're cute and they ended up being a little over $3/favor which wouldn't have been so bad but we had to make 50 of them.  

In other great news, my invitations should find me today!  I am having them delivered to my work to avoid any weather complications so I'm just waiting...  I want to see them SO badly after everything we went through to get them.  Then we can assemble them and get them the heck out of our house!  Busy times!


I think it will become bigger if you click on it.  This is the suite together, minus the moo cards (which came on Saturday are are ADORABLE) and the map we're including.  I blurred out our last names because well, this is a public, searchable blog.  Most of you already know them but privacy is still somewhat important.  Says the girl who posted her boudoir photos...

And the response card.  I specifically requested the pictures of the chicken, cow and carrots for the meal choices.  And hopefully people will use the space at the bottom to write us notes!  I'm excited to see what the responses will be!

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