Friday, March 11, 2011

Do Me a Favor

I arrived home on Wednesday to find a rather large box blocking my front door, marked Fragile (fra-gee-lay).  I brought it inside to find it packed with 156 glass test tubes with stoppers - the makings for our wedding favors!

I was unsure if they were the right size when I bought them but C convinced me to just go with it and we would make it work.  Well, me being the type-A engineer that I am, I bought some M&Ms because I had to do a test run.

I now present you with our favor mock up!

They fit PERFECTLY!  Exactly 20 M&Ms fit in each test tube, stacked.  The rubber cork just fits on top of that last one.  Of course, our M&Ms will be blue & white but at least now I know this is going to work just fine.

Side note: an almost 2-year old should not be given these to "shake-a shake-a" as she will drop it on the floor and it will shatter.  Just saying.  Makes me think we should have a child-safe alternative favor...

M&Ms will be delivered tomorrow so C will have work to do over the break!

Our trip starts after work today and I've got it planned out.  I printed out my flower inspiration pics, my BM dresses and some shoes pics, I've got a list of notes for each person we're speaking with, appts are all set and we're good to go.  I just know I'm going to feel so much better when this is over.  I'll have details in place and all that will be left to do is make it all come together.

I found an online bakery called Baking for Good and I think I'm going to purchase some of the cookies for the sweets table from there.  Yes, I could make them myself and it would be more cost-effective (cheaper) but this actually is for a good cause and they will help take that off my plate!  Their gingersnaps are only $14/dozen and 15% of my order will go to the cause of my choice so it seems like a win-win!

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