Friday, March 4, 2011

Goods and Bads

The great news is that we received our invitation proof in the mail yesterday so I don't have to get all mean with that vendor.  And for the most part, they're great.  The fonts look good and we like the graphics.  The bad news is that it wasn't right.

This is kind of long but here goes.  When we met with them, we wanted a pocketfold invite.  The pricing was reasonable and they're so classy looking!  C loved them.  But, at that same meeting we also discussed a single pocket invite to save money.  But in the end, we decided on the pocketfold since C loved them and the price was do-able.  (You can probably see where this is going.)

The entire time I've been working with them, I've assumed that we've been designing and quoting the pocketfold.  The proof I got last night is almost identical to that link for the single pocket.  Um, no.

2 issues with this.  First, their pricing doesn't match at all what's on their website.  You can see from the pocketfold link that those invites (with an additional info card) should be $4.50.  I can see maybe a little extra fee since we did some customization work with graphics and what not.  However, the single pockets (which should be $4 plus design work) were quoted to us at $5.50!  What is that?!  

They offered us a discount after all the mess we got into so the price was reasonable, when I thought it was the pocketfold.  So I sent her ANOTHER e-mail and told her that I'm not trying to be cheap but what's up with her pricing and stuff.  And now we wait.

More bad news, and this is kind of gross so I'm sorry, but my big toenail on my right foot is about to fall off.  I have a fungus and it's effectively eaten away the underside of my nail and it's ready to go.  There's no way I'll have a new toenail by May and I bought peep-toe shoes for the wedding that I love and probably won't be able to wear now.  And that really sucks.

In positive news, I ordered the test tubes for our favors last night so C is getting put to work over his "break".  Assembling those favors is gonna take some time.  Plus, he's gonna make a new best friend at Kinko's!

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