Monday, February 28, 2011


I'm going to try and keep myself in check but this post might get a little mean.  I don't intend for it but I'm in a funk today and its probably going to come through.

So my brother and his gf of over 3 years got engaged over the weekend!  I am seriously happy for them because they're great together and it's about time.  

But then I got an e-mail from her to the ladies of the family telling us that they are getting married in a civil ceremony on April 6.  A mere 6 weeks before my wedding.  AND they're having my Aunt do the ceremony, which C & I are not doing.  (My aunt is a reverend.)

We considered her but ultimately decided that it would be too emotional for her and didn't want to run the risk of her crying or gushing during the ceremony.

I can't help but feel this stupid mix of emotions ranging from, "Way to make me look bad" to "Way to steal my thunder".  I told you I was going to be off today.

I'm also feeling weird about it because C & I did the civil ceremony thing but we didn't invite our family.  We just did it.  And we got some crap for it but we felt it was the best thing to do with C's family living in Ohio and not readily available to come in to town.  So again I feel like it's making us look bad.

I know it's not her intention (I say her because I know my brother and he's not doing any of this planning) but I can't help but feel this way.  It's so dumb of me and petty.  I should be happy for them.  And I am, really.

So last night C & I were talking and I want to do something nice for them.  See, their plan is to do the civil ceremony and then do a dinner at this hotel party room, but we just saw the hotel & party room a couple weeks ago and it wasn't the nicest place ever.  As in, I would NEVER stay at the hotel unless I was flat broke or my company forced me.  I just feel like, it's your wedding, you should have something better.

So I thought if I could convince my brothers and their families plus our parents to each throw in $100-150 then we could come up with about $600 for a very small reception.  The only problem is where to have it.  And if we can actually pull this off in the 5 or so weeks before the wedding.


  1. I totally do not want to come off as a b!tch, but one of the things that jumps to the forefront of my mind, is maybe she's prego and wants to get married before she starts to show? I say that only because I remember when my brother was engaged long before I ever even thought about getting married, or had even met my now husband. His bride wanted to get married ASAP, and when I asked her why so soon, she just told me, why not? It angered me because I know my brother wanted to be done with school before getting married and I felt she was rushing him. Turns out, she was prego and wanted to get married with a quickness before she started to show. She was VERY petite. It does seem a tad biatchy to want to get married when she knows you guys are getting married soon as well, but maybe this is her reason? I think you are so sweet that despite all that you still want her to have a nice(r) wedding. Such a dollface!

  2. I admit that the same thought crossed my mind but I don't think that's it. I actually think it's because my bro just lost his job and I suspect it's for insurance (isn't that why everyone gets married these days?!)

  3. :( for losing the job. I'm crossing my fingers he finds something soon!