Tuesday, February 8, 2011


In a mere 2 weeks, C & I will probably celebrate an anniversary for the last time.  3 year ago, on that day, we met and our lives changed forever, for the better.  Funny to think back on how a chance meeting, a drunken one at that, led to where we are today.

I'm trying to decide how to honor that day and also what happens to our anniversaries after May?  We met on Feb. 22, we had our first "date" over a weekend at the beginning of April.  C proposed on July 4th, and we were legally married on Sept. 18th. 

We've never celebrated our first "date" nor the day we got engaged.  There never seemed a reason to.  But we have celebrated our anniversary every year so far (all 2 of them!).  We haven't been married long enough to celebrate our Sept. date yet.

I feel like we should do something special for this "last" anniversary, but with all the wedding planning I'm at a loss as to what.  Plus, it's on a Tuesday this year so that makes it more difficult.  We could go away for a night but there's Addy to think of and even though we're closer to family here there's not as many options for childcare.

So instead, we'll probably stay home and we'll eat a nice dinner after Addy goes to bed so we can enjoy some time with eachother.  

Do you celebrate all your anniversaries?

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