Thursday, February 24, 2011

No Wedding Talk

I'm not going to talk about the wedding today.  For a couple reasons, the biggest being that I don't have that much to talk about that I haven't already.  I don't make that much progress on a daily basis and once I cover the majority of my projects and stuff then I'm out.  Also, I just don't feel like it.

C turns the big 3-0 this year and I really want to do something for him but with all our trips and showers and parties and stuff it's hard to find time to squeeze it in.  In fact, his actual birthday is the Monday after his Spring Break ends and he's back to school.  It's also the Monday after his Bachelor Party.  Not going to be that great of a day I'm thinking.

And only 5 days after that, Addy turns 2.  Her birthday is on a Saturday this year and I'd like to do something for it.  While I know she won't care or even remember, her birthday party last year was canceled due to my mom's cancer surgery.  We still got together with my side of the family since we were in town and we also had a small celebration in CA with our good friends.  But I had planned on having a whole big thing that never happened.

Anyway, with everything going on I'd like to throw them a low key joint party.  There's a restaurant super close to our house that we sometimes go to that has a little party room.  I'm thinking that on Addy's birthday (that Saturday) we can go there with who ever can attend and have food and celebrate.  Nothing big, but still celebrating these milestones.

I'm always torn with holding a party at a restaurant because we can't afford to pay for dinner for 30-some people but I feel bad asking everyone to pay for their own.  When Addy was baptized, we paid for dinner (which turned out to be pretty affordable) and had everyone pay for their own drinks.  But this time I was thinking maybe we'd pay for a couple pitchers of beer and pop and a bunch of appetizers and have everyone pay for whatever else they wanted?  I want people to have a good time but I don't want to seem cheap.

So I'm torn.  I plan to stop in the restaurant tonight to see if I can talk to someone about it and figure it out.  Maybe they've done parties like this before and can point me in the right direction.

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