Wednesday, February 16, 2011


C & I have never really celebrated Valentine's Day.  With our "Date-aversary" on Feb. 22 there was really no reason to.  I'd still like to do something for him but seeing as how I've managed to get his cold and lost most of my voice I think he's SOL.

I used the weekend to talk to C about our wedding and get excited about it again.  I think it's going to be cyclical for me.  Since I can't string lights I'm considering other lighting options.  Like somehow getting some trees in planters and placing them around the room with lights in them.  Or fake street lamps.  Or C's suggestion of coat racks with lights <-- not seriously.

Or even just using more lighting elements in our centerpieces.  There are some great centerpiece photos out there of just candles.  Or just letting it go and accepting that the lighting may not look the way I want it too.  I mean, aren't there bigger things to worry about than some lighting? 

This weekend we're going to start focusing on our little projects by going to Michael's to look for wooden signs and dowels and probably JoAnn Fabric for stiff felt so we can start on all the little props for our photo booth.  I think that getting some of these things in order will help make me feel like we're making progress.  We have just over 3 months, we really need to get on this stuff.

We also need to plan our trip to Chicago to finalize things with our venue.  We have some decisions to make and I want them made before I feel like time is slipping away from me.  Like, the pianist we've been talking to and do we want to hire her for the ceremony.  And flowers.  And a rehearsal dinner location.

Posts will pick up at some point.  We're supposed to receive our invitation proof in the mail and that will be pretty exciting for me!

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