Monday, February 21, 2011

Wedding Project Weekend

I swore this weekend I was going to start working on projects for the wedding because as of today we are THREE MONTHS OUT and I am not freaking out (right...) but I don't want to get to a point where I feel rushed because I didn't actually do the things I was planning to do.  So we hit up a thrift store and bought some silly hats and an empty picture frame (so people can pretend they're in pictures in the pictures?) and I set to work and accomplished making exactly 3 mustaches on dowels.

Well, it's a start.

Side note: I had my first wedding nightmare this weekend.  I dreamt that it was finally wedding day and somehow I forgot because I was busy with something else.  And as a result, NOTHING was ready.  The ballroom wasn't set up, the favors weren't done, etc.  And the worst part was that in my panic I didn't notice until the last minute that my hair & make up people never showed up.  So I had to do my own make up and my hair was a complete frizz ball disaster with some stupid flower wreath in it.  And I didn't have time to fix it.

We also had a skype meeting with the potential coordinator yesterday and she is a sweetheart!  C is all for hiring her so if he's giving the go ahead then we are doing it!  It's going to be so nice to just hand someone my plans and all my vendor contracts and say "Make it so" and then bounce around in La La Land on the day of my wedding.

Now, me being the Type-A that I am, it won't really be like that.  But it will be nice to know that there's someone on my side making sure all my visions come to life.  Its nice to know that I won't have to run and check the ballroom to make sure everything got set out like it should.  I'll be in the ballroom because I want to see it all together not because I'm worried that it didn't.

The other thing that was nice was that she told us that we're pretty on the ball with everything.  That was really nice to hear because I constantly think I'm behind with this whole thing.  She's not planning for us, she's stepping in the day of and executing.  So it's still up to me to put it together.

The only other thing that happened this weekend was that our pianist for the ceremony pulled out on us.  She thinks it's too hard to make it all happen with it being outdoor and never having seen the set up and we've never hooked up power to the pavilion before.  I understand but I'm disappointed.  The search continues.


  1. Are you going to have a little chalkboard for messages for the photobooth thing? A friend from high school did this and posted some of the pictures on Facebook and they were so cute. The groomsmen were in one and the chalkboard they held said "Don't fuck it up" and then the bride and groom, who went to Auburn, had it and it said "War Eagle!" and then just the bride and it said "Mrs. Webster." It was really so cute, though I think that was their only prop.

  2. We are! I think I want to do dry erase instead so it will hopefully be less messy. Though, I know you can buy chalkboard paint and it would be really cute to have speech bubble shapes on dowels that people could hold up.