Friday, February 4, 2011


As much as it may seem like I have everything under control, sometimes I wonder.  How will I make sure the ballroom is set up the way that I want it?  I can only say and draw so much and my drawing skills aren't really that great.  Who will give the musician at the ceremony the queue that it's time to start?  Who will usher the guests back to the hotel so we have the pavilion available for pictures?  Who will queue the DJ to start the entrances?  Who will make sure all the chairs get taken down and stacked after the ceremony?

I know that these things could be handled and they'll probably work themselves out in the end, but I also know that I am my biggest critic and I'd focus on the fact that there was a huge pause in the music while we figured out who was supposed to go or what was going on.  

I'm seriously entertaining the thought of a DOC (Day Of Coordinator).  Someone that I'll meet with before the wedding but will only show up the day of to make sure these things are taken care of so I can focus on getting ready and getting married.

I recently attended a wedding where there was no DOC and I felt awful for the bride that she wasn't able to fully relax because she knew when it was all done, someone still had to tear everything down and pack it up.  And she was responsible for making sure it happened.  She wasn't up on a ladder or anything but she was close.

I know that I can't be everywhere at once and I also know what kind of a control freak I can be.  I figure my choices are to use a friend or hire someone.  If I use a friend, it has to be someone that I know won't mind helping out, that I can trust to get things the way I want them.  If I hire someone, they have to do that for me anyway.

I found a coordinator for $500 for the day and I'm seriously considering it.  Is $500 worth the peace of mind that I would get?  Maybe.  I'll have to talk this one over with C.

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