Friday, February 18, 2011

Thin 'n That

This will be kind of random as I brain dump what's going around in my noggin.

We went to JoAnn Fabric last night and purchased black felt, some backer stuff (I'm so not a crafter), some wooden dowels and some crazy glue.  Grand total: $18.65.  When we got home I printed out a template of mustaches that also included 50s style cat eye glasses and a monocle.  The plan is to work on those over the weekend.

I also want to start hitting Goodwills and Dollar Stores looking for silly hats and picture frames that I can paint to use as photo booth props.  Oh, and real glasses and feather boas.  I have an entire list of photo booth props I want to get.  It's going to be nuts.

We are planning a trip out to Chicago to do some wedding planning and finalize some details in a few weeks.  Last time we went we got so much done but now there's another list of things we need to deal with.  Like, meeting with a florist, the musician I've been talking to, our photographer, the potential DOC, etc.  Discussing decorating options for the ballroom with the venue coordinator.

Speaking of which, I've given up on the strings of lights.  Mark made me see the light (no pun intended) and I let them go.  Instead, I'm focusing on paper lanterns.  I've found a lot of tutorials online about how to light them and I think I could easily scatter them around the room with varying sizes and I could even have white and blue ones to reflect our color theme.  Some fishing wire to hang them and we'd be good to go!  I think I can accept that.

As of Monday we will have exactly 3 months to go!  Crazy.  There's so much to do still!

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