Wednesday, February 16, 2011


C & I always talk about a honeymoon but have never actually taken any steps towards planning one.

At first we talked about going to Seattle for a week because I've always wanted to visit Seattle.  We talked about staying in Seattle for 3-4 days and then making a run for the border to Vancouver for another 3-4 days.  But neither of us have ever been to either city and I'm not entirely sure what you do in each.  Especially Vancouver.  Plus, to actually get to Vancouver, I'd have to get my ass on the ball and get my new passport in my new name.  Other things I'm not sure about include public transportation or the need for a car.

Then we talked about a resort in the Caribbean to just relax.  To get some time away and relax after everything with the wedding and stuff.  It's really tempting.  We definitely wouldn't need a car there; we'd practically never leave the resort probably.

Then we talked about going to NYC, which is the opposite of going to the Caribbean but whatever.  C loves NYC and wants so badly to go there again.  We've been checking out relatively affordable places on and it would be do-able.  Definitely no car needed there.  Lots of things to see and do.  And it's another place on my bucket list (Seattle too).

Then today I started looking at listings for Savannah, GA on vrbo.  There's some places on there that are super tempting and affordable and seem to be in good locations.  C stayed there one time when he was supposed to go on a cruise that got delayed due to a hurricane and kind of fell in love with it.  It seems like it would almost be the best of both worlds, lots to see and do (and eat!) but kind of a sleepy town where we could relax.  (Doesn't everything seem kind of slower when you think of GA, like, just not rushed...)  I'm not sure about the need for a car there, it seems like there are plenty of trolleys and "pedicabs" (bicycle cabs?) and tons of things to walk to.  Unless we wanted to go to the beach (Tybee Island?), I'm not sure how we could get there without a car.  

Another thing to take into consideration is the weather/time of year.  We'd most likely be going in June, after school gets out for C.  I have no idea what the weather is like in any of these places in June and I'd need to research some before deciding.  Plus, who wants to go tropical in June?  Save it for the dead of winter when it's -10 outside...


  1. Savannah is SOOOOO GREAT! Ignored me, I'm horribly biased, but you'd love it. The BEST food, River Street, ghost tours, the squares, it's all so great. Tybee is a decent beach. Nothing amazing, kind of dirty, but a beach is a beach I suppose. IF you decide to do this, let me know so I can load you up with things to do and see.

    We are going to Tucson. We used Tarry's Marriott points to book 5 days at a JW Marriott Golf and Spa resort out there, and his airmiles to book the tickets. We paid $70 total in taxes and fees on the tickets (saved us over $500) and nothing for the resort(saved us $1000). We had tossed around the Caribbean but we live 15 minutes from a beach, so I really didn't care if we went that route or not, and we both loved Arizona.

  2. Jessica - I hoped you would have something to tell me about Savannah! I told C about it last night and his eyes got all big and I think he liked the idea!
    Do you think we could get around without a car? Most of the places on VRBO are in the historic district, right by Forsyth park? (I thought this one was cute: or this one:

  3. You would love Savannah, good choice for sure.

    Just don't come to Atlanta. There is nothing lazy or easy-going in this damn city at all!!