Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Wants

While yesterday's post was about the things I HAVE to do, today's is about the things I WANT to do.

For instance, our photography package includes a second shooter who will be manning a photo booth for us during the reception.  It's a very basic set up, just some professional lighting and a backdrop.  And they'll provide the backdrop for $100.  BUT, what I really want to do is buy some fun fabric and make a backdrop!  I think it would be easy enough to construct a stand out of PVC pipe that can be taken apart for tranporting and some fabric.

C thinks it might be a lot of work but I think it's completely do-able and will be really fun.

Another thing that I am completely lusting after is cafe lights to string across our venue.  How romantic and lovely does this look?  So I thought, "They're just lights, how bad could it be?"  $500 for 6 strings of lights bad!  What?!?  But, oh my gosh, I see pictures of other weddings and I want it SO BADLY.  But I have absolutely no idea how to find it for anything less than the $500 and there's just no way I can justify spending that much on lighting.

I did find one alternative that's basically Christmas lights but they come in 32-ft strands and I could get enough to cross the room 6 times for only $180+ tax.  The only problem is that I'd need to connect 3 strands so there'd be obvious lengths where the plugs were but maybe I could cover those spots with paper lanterns?

Another "want" is cutesy signs to mark the path to the pavilion for the ceremony.  I do want to mark the path, but I probably don't need a ton of signage or effort to do so.  I'm sure we could get away with posterboard and balloons but wouldn't it be nice to have wooden signs?  Holy crap though, I'm pretty sure C would murder me if I spent that much money on a silly sign.  So now I want to make them myself...

Where do I think I'm going to find the time for all this?

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