Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Dear Corey,

Today is 3 years to the day since we met at that wedding.  You were on the dance floor doing the Soulja Boy (this will date us for sure) and I ran up and asked you to show me.  The only part I ever got was the superman part with that side hop thing.

I remember thinking you were cute and having a great time dancing with you.  I also remember that you stole my drink and held it above your head (your way of flirting with me) so I kissed you in hopes it would shock you enough to lower the drink.  I remember thinking that everyone was probably watching but in reality no one was.  Probably.

You were so cute when you had to make sure your cousin got back to his room okay.  You found me and told me very sternly not to GO ANYWHERE so that you could find me again.

I love that we're both science nerds and that our very first date took us to the Science Museum.  I remember that we were so proud of ourselves for wearing our nerdy shirts (your Periodic Table and my Nerds 2^2 Ever).  It was so great to finally see you again in person after 6 weeks of e-mails and phone calls.

I never regretted having to call & e-mail you.  It kept us from being distracted (physically) and let us concentrate on actually building a solid relationship.  We built a foundation and really got to know each other so that when we were together in person, there was never a doubt that I wanted to be with you.

We've settled into our everyday life now of working and raising our daughter but the one thing I love is that we've never stopped talking.  I love hearing something on the radio on the way to work and calling your or making a mental note to tell you later.  (Side note: some spoiled girl was complaining this morning that she got an engagement ring with CZ instead of a diamond and she claimed she was embarrassed to show it off.  Even though the guy promised to buy her a real diamond when he had the money.  I loved you so much I would have taken a rock.)

I know I've said it before, but I want to make sure you know how grateful I am for the sacrifices you've made for our family.  And the thing that makes me the most grateful is that you've never said a word.  One of the things you constantly repeat is "For the greater good" and you do whatever you can to make sure our family is taken care of.  And I love you for that.

So today, and 88 days from now, I am publicly declaring my love for you.  You are my rock and my best friend and I am proud to have you by my side for the next 60 (or so) years.

Love, Jacque

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  1. I loved you so much I would have taken a rock.

    That made me tear up.