Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Another Trip

This planning from a distance stuff is hard!  There's so many things you don't realize you need to plan for and it's not like you can just pop in and check.  I do a TON of emailing to get things settled.

So we're going to Chicago in 3 weeks to meet with some vendors and make sure everything is all set.  We'll meet with 2 different florists and then make a decision about which one, our venue coordinator to talk about decorating and other details I might not have thought about, hopefully a musician (I've got to get on that...), another trip to the pavilion, a rehearsal dinner site, and meeting our wedding coordinator!

That's right, we decided to officially hire the coordinator and as part of the package she is coming to our appointments that weekend to help us out.  It's going to be so nice to have someone on our side for all this.

I just finished making arrangements for someone to watch Addy so we're good to go!  As soon as I get out of work that Friday, we hit the road!  Hopefully traffic and weather will cooperate with us.

As a special treat for you today, I have a picture of me in my dress!  Now, it's not officially MY dress, it from the store where I tried it on.  And I did some crappy editing to add my navy sash so you can see it but this is basically how it will look!  Ignore my face, we were trying to be sneaky since they wouldn't let us actually take pictures...

I love it.  I can't wait to wear it for real!

Also, I have my cousin's shower basically all figured out and I'm proud of myself!  Doing a shower in addition to my own wedding planning was/is a lot to take on but I basically got it under control!  Go me!

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