Wednesday, February 9, 2011

This Just In

So I got something in the mail yesterday... the pics from my boudoir shoot already!  Talk about fast!

And I already gave them to C.  I just decided that there was no way I could hold out for 4 months (101 days today!) and I wanted to share them.  No fun keeping them all to myself.  Plus, I can't decide if making a book is really the way to go.  I don't know, do I want these on paper?  For anyone to potentially find?  Like my children?  I just am wrestling with that right now.

Anyway, C liked them but I'm having mixed feelings.  I don't have them to share right now, nor did she make the online gallery like she said she would so you'll have to wait until tonight hopefully to see some.  And I'm only sharing a few.

I just feel like they could have done a better job telling me to suck in my stomach or posing me.  I mean, I had a baby and do not have a flat stomach but I could look like I do.  And there was so much going on that I couldn't remember to do all of it.  And some of the photos just plain are not flattering.  I hate my legs, I think they're stubby and short and there's like 2 pics of just my legs.  There's only about 3 pictures with the chair and the rest are just me standing there.

I also feel like some of the pictures that I was looking forward to seeing didn't make the cut and I have no idea why.  There were some really cute ones using the chair and those are barely included.  Instead, there's a picture of me wearing the trench where you can actually see my nipple (not intended) and how is that better?

I know I'm my own worst critic, but part of me hoped that they'd turn out amazing.  I know that she's not a miracle worker but I feel like they could have been better.  Now, considering that I paid $100?  I suppose that's actually pretty good work for that low of a fee.

Some of them did turn out very cute or very sexy and I'm happy with those.  I'll do it again but I'll work out more first or something.  Or fast for a bit.  Or time it better for when I'm not about to get my period.  

I didn't mean this to turn into a rant but I'm trying to be honest.  I'll share some pics later when I'm at home and actually have the disc.  And if/when I do it again, I'll book a session that's all mine and not rushed with a photographer who can photograph in the most flattering way.

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