Monday, September 17, 2012

A Typical Day

I think a lot of my readers have only 1 child at this time and are probably planning on another.  I thought it would be interesting to document a typical day for us to give you an idea of what happens when you add a second child to the mix.

Take this all with a grain of salt though - Reese is still a baby and requires more than Addy.  In about 8 months this will look completely different.

Some time around 2-3am - Reese wakes up so I lurch over to her bassinet, grab her, return to bed, nurse her and then put her back down.  She usually fusses for a minute but goes back to sleep.
5am - Alarm goes off - I hit snooze and hope it was just a bad dream
5:06am - Nope, I'm not getting back to sleep, up and in the shower to start getting ready.
5:30am - Wake up C and try not to wake up Reese
5:35am - Reese is awake, sit and feed her and hope she can hang out til I finish getting ready
6am - Wake up Addy and tell her to get dressed. Head downstairs to get breakfast and pack up to leave. 
6:05am - Addy comes downstairs naked and carrying her clothes.  That's fine as along as she dresses herself.
6:20ish - Nurse Reese again
6:32am - Leave for work
7am - 4pm - Work - 3 pumping sessions squeezed in around meetings and lunch.
4:30pm - pick up Reese, chat with daycare lady to see how she was during the day
4:50pm - pick up Addy, chat with teacher to find out how Addy did and if she had an accident
5pm - Nurse Reese.  Depending on her day she may take a snooze or not.  Depending on the day I might have to start cooking dinner (C & I take turns cooking).  Depending on how all this works out I *might* be able to get on the treadmill but probably not.  During this time Addy is supposed to play by herself but mostly ends up asking me to watch "Addy shows" or play "Addy Games" on the kindle or phone.  She also wants a snacky and a drinky.  Get the mail. Check facebook and whatever else while nursing.  Wash pump parts.
6:30pm-ish - sit down to dinner.  If we're lucky, Reese will sit in the "shakey chair" while we eat but most of the time C & I trade off holding her and eating.  Reese usually wants to eat sometime in here again.
7pm-ish - finish dinner and clean up.  Every other night is bath night so either we head upstairs to start baths or we hang out for 20 or so minutes.  C & Addy usually use this time to throw Addy on the couch and tickle her.
7:30pm - start getting both girls ready for bed.  Addy in pjs with brushed teeth and Reese in her pjs and swaddled.  We try to pick out clothes with Addy for the next day too.  C & I take turns reading to Addy so if it's my turn I nurse Reese while C helps Addy get ready and then I read, otherwise we divide and conquer.
8pm - at this point both girls should be down for the night.  Usually after Addy has been in bed for approximately 20 minutes she will come tell us she pooped in her night time diaper (I am thinking of writing another post about potty training but for now all you need to know is that Addy is scared to death of pooping in the potty and holds it until she's in a diaper again - or goes in her underwear...)
8-9:30pm - C & I finish cleaning up dinner, pack things for the next day and finally get to sit on the couch and relax.
9:30pm - start getting myself ready for bed as quietly as possible so Reese stays asleep.
11-12ish - Reese wakes up for a snack.

Lather, rinse, repeat!

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