Thursday, September 6, 2012

The First and The Last

C has declared that we will not have more babies.  To me, that remains to be seen but he has stated his case.  We can have more kids, but no more babies.

So that means that Reese will pontentially be my last baby.  And it's sad!  As frustrating as babies can be, I love the baby stage.  I love the big grins, the cooing, the snuggling.  I absolutely loved taking a nap with Reese snuggled up on my chest, so tiny.  I don't know if I treasure it more because it could be the last time or if I just love it that much anyway.

I love Addy too, but in a different way.  I will be honest and admit that I'm not a huge fan of the 2-3 year old stage.  I think that's actually a reflection on me and the amount (or lack) of patience I have.  Some times I just can't handle the Whys and the questions and the flat out ignoring/not listening.  I hate yelling at her but it happens more than I care to admit.

C is the opposite, he dislikes the baby stage (obviously) and loves this current stage.  He loves that Addy can tell us what's wrong or what she needs, that he can play with her and make her laugh and actually talk to her.  And yes, I like those things too, but well, you saw how I feel up there.

Addy started preschool this week and the biggest thing was that it hasn't even seemed to phase her.  I want to chalk it up to our preparation at home with talking it up for a few weeks and making a big deal of packing her backpack and picking out her outfit and everything, but I really think Addy is just kind of unflappable.  The first morning, she just ran off, eager to explore and play with all the new toys.  I had to force her to hug me goodbye.

I have no doubts that we will have rough mornings and she'll do some clinging, but for the most part she's ready to head off into the world with hardly a glance back.

I firmly believe that it will be even harder with Reese, knowing that its my last.  I know C will be so excited to have them grow up but a little piece of me will always miss the babies.

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  1. I think I'm with you, I love the infant/baby stage. I haven't experienced anything else though so I have nothing to compare!