Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Sleep Training Break Down

No, I didn't have a break down.  I thought I'd break down how it all went.

We almost didn't start on Thursday because we were having a rough evening at home.  I had at least one clogged duct (I suspect it was 2 or one really big one) and starting to have body aches and not feel well.  Addy isn't napping at preschool which makes her extra... pleasant when we get home and C had to work late.

Fortunately, Reese was able to help with the clogged duct issue and Addy cheered up and C got home eventually and we ordered a pizza for dinner. 

I took Reese upstairs and got her in her pjs.  I nursed her in the glider in the nursery with the lights off and only a night light on.  She was pretty tired, having been awake for 4+ hours so she actually passed out when I put her in the crib.

She woke up 3 times that night and each time I went through the 5-10-20-40 method, though we never actually made it to 40.  Each time I went in and rubbed her back while making the Shhhhhh sound.  The first few times it actually seemed like it was pissing her off more than helping but she eventually gave in each time.

The next night we did the same thing (though I think she had a bath first) and she fussed while going to sleep but didn't last long.  She only woke up once the entire night, around 3:30am and fussed for a few minutes and then fell back asleep.  I never even had to get out of bed!

Saturday night was the same story.

And the kicker of the whole thing, Sunday night she never woke up (that I know of)! 

I should also point out that each morning I've had to wake her up.  So she's sleeping around 11-12 hours each night which is amazing.

She did wake up this morning at 4:45am or so and I did go in and shush her and she eventually went back to sleep.  She also woke up again before I was ready, around 6am but basically around when I would have gotten her up anyway.

I joked that I feel like a new woman with the uninterrupted sleep I'm getting.  In reality, I'm still tired at night but I think it will start to feel better the more she sleeps. 

So we are officially moved into the nursery with a baby who is mostly a great sleeper (knock on wood)!

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