Wednesday, December 19, 2012

You're killin' me Smalls!

My crazy baby is going to be the one who breaks me.  But in a good way, you know?

Reese will be 7 months old in 3 days.  In her 6th month she:
  • Has started crawling for real - she has been army crawling for a good month now but she's up on her knees and moving
  • Has a tooth!  My doctor said that you take their age in months minus 6 and that's a guideline to how many teeth she should have. 
  • Can sit up on her own - not for long periods of time but she can do it!
  • Has stood up a few times.  She managed to crawl to something, put her hands on it and continue to move her feet.  Then she got her feet under he and was basically standing while leaning on the ball.  Fortunately, she hasn't figured out how to do this in her crib yet.
By comparison (not that you should compare your children), Addy was crawling at 7 months, didn't get a tooth until like 9 months and walked at 11 months.

Never having had 2 children before, I wrongly assumed that we knew what to expect from Reese because we'd had Addy.  While I knew deep down that no 2 children are alike, I expected that Reese would develop roughly the same as Addy.

But no, Reese is in a hurry for everything apparently.  I wonder if this will be an indication of her personality later in life.  Wanting to blaze her own path and prove herself to be different than her sister and her own woman.

The tone of this post probably doesn't convey how in awe I am of my baby.  We hit the 5 month mark and she turned into a new baby.  Suddenly happy almost all the time and HUGE smiles!  She loves Addy more than anything, you can tell.  She's always crawling over to her and watching her and Addy can make her laugh more than anyone.  I desperately hope that their relationship only grows as they do.  I always longed for a sister but never got one unfortunately and I'm so happy that my girls have eachother.

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  1. So it's been a while since I've read any blogs, because I haven't even read this post! I totally wanted a sister too. An older sister, but instead got a younger brother. I'm glad I at least ended up with an awesome sister-in-law! :)