Monday, December 3, 2012

It's A Date

In an effort to put more... effort into our relationship, C & I came up with an idea for this coming year.  Well, really I stole the idea from something I saw on Pinterest and C & I modified it to suit us.

We divided up the next year into 2 groups of 6 months, we each get every other month and we each have to plan a date for that month.  The date can be anything from very simple to quite elaborate, there really aren't any rules.

By Christmas, we each need to have our 6 date ideas in envelopes labeled by month and we'll put them up somewhere to keep them safe.  At the beginning of each  month, we'll open that envelope, see what the date idea is, get the calendar and actually plan the date!

For instance, I have January.  My date idea for January is for us to go to a museum together (nerd alert!) of his choosing and then to lunch or dinner or do lunch first and then the museum.  Either way.

So in January we will open the Jan. emvelope and read the date description then we will pick the day we'd like to go, contact our babysitter and make it happen!

I'm very excited about this and hope that it works and isn't something that we just abandon after a few months.  The idea of the envelope is that we're supposed to plan as much as possible ahead of time.  So for the museum & food, I might pick up a gift card for a restaurant we can go to. 

Here's a quick list of my months and ideas:
January - Museum & lunch/dinner
March - I have already registered us to run a 5K together and then we will do brunch
May - This is our anniversary month...I think I will try to plan a fancy dinner where we get dressed up & maybe an overnight
July - Kayak trip in Cannon Falls & either a picnic lunch or grabbing something after
September - Segway tour of Minneapolis
December - I'd love for us to both skip work and spend a day together Christmas shopping but I'm not sure that will work.  I might  make it the main idea but have a back up in place just in case.

Other date ideas I came up with are: Dave & Busters, a brewery tour, catching a show at a Theatre, a cooking class together, just going to Happy Hour to spend time talking, Wine tasting, rock climbing...

I did buy a groupon deal for a wine tasting that I need to work in there somehow but it's kind of out of the way for the other things I have planned.  Perhaps I can work it into May.

Here's to building our relationship in 2013!

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  1. I LOVE that idea! Adam & I try to do date nights once a month anyway (not that it always happens...). But with him not having a job yet, we decided to not exchange presents that we have to pay for... this might be a good way to do that, and have more dates that are something other than dinner out. :)