Tuesday, November 27, 2012

6 Month Check Up

Reese had her 6 month check up yesterday and I wanted to record her stats here so I remember them!

Weight: 15lb 8.5oz
Length: Almost 27 inches
Head Circumference: About 17.25 inches

Reese is doing well/advanced in: Gross Motor Skills - meaning that she is almost crawling which really impressed the doctor and she's able to feed herself crackers.  Both are above her skill set.

Reese is still developing in: Language skills - meaning that she is apparently supposed to be babbling but she isn't.  She makes sounds, two syllable sounds, but she does not repeat them.  No sounds like "ba-ba-ba-ba".  The doctor seemed concerned for a moment that she might have a hearing problem but Reese responds to her name and other noises so it's not an issue.

Other notes: Reese still has a clogged tear duct in her right eye that hasn't cleared up.  While it's not a huge concern, if it's still present in a month, we'll probably have to see a pediatric optometrist and we'll discuss probing the tear duct to clear the blockage.  That sounds like it will suck but if it makes her better I guess.

The doctor was overall very impressed with Reese.  The fact that she's moving (army crawling) is super advanced.  We also spoke about the fact that Reese only takes one nap per day but she's gaining weight well and seems overall happy so she wasn't too concerned.  She was actually impressed that Reese goes from 7pm to 6am without food or waking up (now that we re-trained her) because apparently that's also advanced.  She said she would expect 6-8 hours, not 11.

All good news for Reese!

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