Monday, November 12, 2012

Losing It

You know that commercial on TV with the cartoon couple where the wife talks about losing weight?  And she talks about how she & her husband give up carbs together and he loses like 20lbs and she loses 3?

This is my real life.

It's not like I expected the baby weight to melt off right away, I've done this before and I'm older now.  I know that it takes time and some effort.  But I also know that breastfeeding should be helping this journey.

I've been trying meaning to work out but it's hard with 2 kids.  I get home from work, after picking up both girls and feed/entertain them while we wait for C to get home.  IF he gets home at a reasonable time and IF it's not my turn to make dinner and IF the girls are cooperative, then MAYBE I'll have time to run.  And you ladies know that getting ready to run takes time to change into workout clothes, remove make-up, and stretch all before you can actually get moving.  Add in finding your water bottle and headphones and finding something that you can actually listen to, while, most nights it just doesn't even happen.

C always says that if I want to work out then I'll make it happen.  He certainly does.  He runs 2-3x per week with one of those being a long run on the weekend.  I admire his dedication and the fact that he truly does make it happen.

Back to the commercial, weight is like melting off him.  He complains all the time about his pants being too big or shirts ballooning on him.  I only feel a little sorry for him.

I've actually told him not to lose any more weight, not because I'm jealous (mostly), but because I don't think it's healthy for him.  He weighs something like 165 and I think that's low for his frame.

In the mean time, I lost 20lbs in 5.5 months but those last 10 seem determined to hang around.  And it's not that I weight a horrible number (142) but it's more than I'd like. 

I managed to run 3x last week, including one family trip to the Y.  I'd like to keep it up and see if I can get the scale moving again.  I'd like to at least set a good foundation before the holidays hit.

Unlike the commercial, I won't be taking supplements.

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