Tuesday, August 7, 2012


I have started and deleted 2 blog posts in the last week.  One because I decided you didn't really want to read about my daycare woes (and the post was getting to be crazy long [and boring if I'm being honest]) and one because it got confusing.

I have a hard time telling only part of a story.  So when I want to write a post about my relationship with the Church and religion, I feel like I need to start at the very beginning with my childhood and what led to this point.

Here is a gist of things I want to write about but haven't had time or don't want you falling over from boredom:
  • How we as a family are thinking about distancing ourselves from the Catholic church and perhaps looking into more of a Christian religion that doesn't make us say a prayer to deny gay couples the right to marry.  I think they should be allowed to marry and I don't want to teach my girls that gay couples are something to be looked down on.
    • Side note: Why isn't there as big an effort against divorce?  I would think it's way more harmful to marriage than gay couples.
  • Daycare - how hard it is to find the right one, how weird it is that I have to pay for their time off, and events leading up to our switch.  Basically, after some mis-communication Reese is going to a brand new (to us) daycare starting in a few weeks.  Addy will be in pre-school so we will no longer be using our previous one.  Sad, but it had to happen.
  • I am crazy and already planning our trip to Ohio for Christmas.  Basically, I want to buy tickets because the price is reasonable but C's extended family can't ever figure things out so he wants to just buy the tickets and what happens, happens.  I want to make sure that Reese can see her great-grandma so I don't want to buy tickets until we know what's going. 
    • Tangent post - C thinks its unfair that we make all kinds of effort to come visit but no one comes to see us except his mom.  I counter that when we visit everyone is in one place (We see every aunt, uncle, cousin, etc.) whereas each one of them would have to buy tickets.
  • C went crazy and started seriously looking into moving back to California and I freaked out and we had a fight and he agreed to back off a bit.  The end of this is that we're not moving.  Yet.  If ever.
  • I'm back to work.  I already wrote about this but I could write forever about schedules, pumping at work, etc.  It's going fine, basically.
  • I don't speak to my dad hardly at all any longer.  I thought after my mom passed that things would change and we would become closer and he would come over for dinners but I'm afraid that our relationship has been damaged beyond repair.  I think that's really sad.
So there you go.  Jacque's mind - in 1000 words or less.

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